Simple Box Making tutorial


Have you ever had that moment when you think, why didn’t I know about this method before.  Well that happened to me last week with regards to making a simple box.  We had a craft week at our WI meeting this month and one of the ladies who makes cards showed us how to fold and make a box with a lid.  It was so simple, but very effective, so I thought I would share it with you here.

Materials Required

One square (I am using 6″ x 6″ here) piece of patterned paper or not too thick card (if it’s too thick you will find it difficult to fold, but it can be done)

One square (1/4″ smaller) plain/matching patterned paper or card (150gsm)



Paper glue (not essential)

Mini round punch


  1. Start with the the patterned paper first which will be your lid, mark the centre of the paper by measuring from corner to corner with a ruler.P1140159
  2. With the pattern side facing down, fold in each corner to the centre mark, do the opposite corners first, you now have a square again.P1140160
  3. Next you need to fold the sides to meet in the centre. Open those out and do it again from the other 2 sides.
  4. Unfold and open out the whole thing so you can see the creases. P1140164
  5. Using the scissors cut according to the dotted lines in the photo above.
  6. Now using the uncut sides, fold these into the middle, the paper should fold easily and almost go straight into the correct position.P1140165
  7. Take the other side pieces and fold them in over the side flaps and this is your finished lid. Before doing the fold you can add a dot or 2 of glue to these side pieces to make the box more secure.
  8. Take a small circle cutter and cut a half circle in the two opposite sides of the lid (do it in the less thick sides) these will help you get the lid on and off easier.
  9. To make the base for the box repeat all the steps above with the slightly smaller piece of paper/card.  It is smaller so that the lid will fit easily over it.P1140174
  10. Fit them together and there you have a nice, simple and sturdy box, perfect for a small piece of jewellery or other trinket.P1140169



I hope you found this useful?  Let me know what you think?

Linda x