Polymer Clay ~ Christmas Holly Wreath

Polymer Clay Holly Wreath Christmas Decoration Georgia P Designs

Hello, I’ve started to get into the Christmas spirit a little early for me this year, normally I’m a bit of a last minute person on the whole festive decorations stuff, but I was inspired by a recent theme of ‘Winter Wonderland’ on a Facebook group page I run.  I loved making this Christmas Holly Wreath, made entirely out of Polymer Clay although it did take me a while (it is approx 11.5cm in diameter).  Below is a collage of the process and when finished I backed it with felt to protect it and any surfaces.

Polymer Clay Holly Wreath collage

I enjoyed making it so much I decided to make a couple more smaller decorations, but these actually proved harder to position the leaves and berries, but obviously they took a lot less time.  I decided to leave these white after a few comments I received on the larger one saying a white one would look nice too, what do you think?.

Polymer Clay Mini Holly Wreaths  Georgia P Designs

I’ve also been making some simpler decorations and I will be giving one of these and maybe one of the smaller holly wreaths away in a Giveaway on my Facebook page some time next week, so visit my Facebook page if you are interested, just click HERE.

If you fancy seeing a tutorial on how I made any of these or if you have any questions, then please comment below.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Linda x