Polymer Clay Autumn leaf brooches Georgia P Designs

Autumn leaf brooches, using Copper and Brass wire

I’m exited to share with you another new technique I have discovered via Pinterest.  It combines my love of polymer clay, wirework and my new found addiction with liquid clay, alcohol inks and Perfect Pearls.

Here is the link to the excellent tutorial I discovered on Pinterest, HERE It is in Russian I think, but just click the Google translate button and it translates very well.

The only thing that I have done differently to the tutorial is not use Epoxy Resin, something for my to do list, so instead I just used layers of liquid clay, which worked very well and still gives a pleasing shine.

Also I didn’t limit myself to just the leaves and alcohol inks, I also tried experimenting with acrylic paint, which also gives a lovely effect.

Below are two leaf brooches I made using different metals and acrylic paints to create the effect.  (Note: the leaf on the right was my first attempt and I hadn’t bought the mica powders when I made this one (I have been using Ranger Perfect Pearls since), so I tried embossing powder, it did work, however on the second baking it did develop some bubbles, some disappeared but some remained, OK if you like the effect!)

Other shapes I tried just working with the mica powder and clear liquid gel.

And lastly a couple for Christmas!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Linda x