A walk around a Craft fair in pictures

St James Craft Fair 22March 2014

This time last week I was at a local Church Spring craft fair and although I don’t do as many fairs as I should, I do enjoy attending them.

I love it when my friends pop in to say hello and support the event, I love meeting new people and hearing all their lovely comments about my jewellery,  I also like selling a few items and making a bit of money too to keep my habit going, who doesn’t?  But the thing I enjoy most is meeting and having a chat with all the other stall holders, some are new to selling at fairs and are doing it for the first or second time, whilst others are old pros at it, but they are all talented and I love looking at how they set up their stalls and admiring their products.

So I thought I would give you a little tour around this craft fair and introduce you to all the people that attended.

The first stall you came to is  Love from Poppy , meet Beverley the maker behind Love from Poppy, she makes personalised bunting, tissue covers, passport covers etc.  Beverley was one of the few people who didn’t do a runner when they saw me approaching with my phone, although her friend did!

Love from Poppy

Love from Poppy



Next is Diane with her stall A Place to Set.  Diane makes the most amazing patchwork table sets, felt coasters for your wine glasses (I have a set) and lovely sets of felt houses smelling of lavender, I bought the set on the left :-).

Next is me! Georgia P Designs, cluttered as usual, I enjoy making jewellery so much, I  just have too much to sell, lol!

Georgia P Designs craft fair stall


Next to me was Sarah from Heaps Of Joy, providing happiness in a bag.

Heaps of Joy

Heaps of Joy

Then there was Tracey from Eternally Yours Bridal Bouquets UK, as weddings can sometimes be seasonal they are also now do other seasonal type gift items as you can see in these pictures.

Next was Kate with  So Sweet as a button,  just look at this array of scrummy sweets.

Then we have Vicky who owned Buttons & Bows, she is so new to this that she hasn’t set up a website or Facebook page yet so here is her mobile 07730 613178 if you are interested in anything.

Next was Cathy from Cute as a button, who makes beaded jewellery, Cathy was also the person who worked tirelessly to organise and market this craft fair.  Shame I didn’t get a picture of her!

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button


Then I was very happy to meet for the first time although I have seen pictures of her items many times on The Crafty Network Facebook page, Diane from Daisy Felts.  Her stall is a colourful array of lovely felt items.

Daisy Felts

Daisy Felts

Next was Handmade by Perfect Delights.  Sorry I didn’t manage to get any contact details.

Handmade by Perfect Delights

Handmade by Perfect Delights

Then our last stall around the edges of the hall was another jewellery stall, Glitterati, sometimes craft fairs have too many stalls selling jewellery, but what made it OK at this fair, was that we all sold very different jewellery and complimented each other very well.



In the centre of the room was Helen with Cakes For All seasons, lots of scrummy cakes, I love the Minion!

Then Willows with Love who makes luxury personalised 3D cards, gifts and packaging.

And last but not least our only male stallholder of the day Chris from Aloe Clean Forever selling Forever Living products.

Aloe Clean Forever

Aloe Clean Forever


I hope you enjoyed my little pictorial tour around the craft fair, please visit the other stallholders by clicking on their links.


Linda x















Mother’s Day Giveaway (UK Only)

Ref M12-03 Mothers Day spring flower heart

Hi there, this is just a quick post to say I am currently doing a Giveaway on my Facebook page. I still have a few Mother’s Day Clay hearts left and some brooches and keyrings. So I have decided to give one Mother’s Day heart to the first winner and a choice between a brooch or keyring to the second winner.  You can still see what is available in my Mothers Day Album HERE , the winners can choose which they want.

All you need to do is visit my Facebook page and comment below the pinned post. Once I get a minimum of 25 comments (one comment per person) I will do a random number generator to select the 2 winners.

Here is the link to my Facebook page HERE


Linda x

UPDATE: 26th March 2014 

The Winners were drawn and announced on my Facebook Page on Wednesday 26th March.

1st Prize: Sharon Blackledge who chose the Mother’s Day Heart above.

2nd Prize: Debra McCreith who chose a heart and rose keyring

Thank you everyone who supported this and commented.

Mothers Day giveaway 2014


Polymer Clay Flowers ~ Daffodil (Narcissus) tutorial


When I first decided I wanted to make a daffodil with polymer clay, I went looking for a tutorial, but I only found one which you had to pay for.  Not wishing to pay for something I thought I could possibly make myself, I decided to try my own way of making one and I’m happy to share my experience for free.  Please bear in mind that this is my interpretion of a daffodil and I have been using them on brooches and Mother’s day gifts (see pictures below).

Looking at a daffodil it is formed with 6 petals, a centre trumpet, a stem and some leaves. They also come in many colour variations other than yellow, but for this tutorial I will use Fimo Colours, Lemon for the petals, Tangerine for the centre trumpet and Apple Green for the leaves.

What you will need:

Ceramic tile or glass board to work on

Cocktail stick or bamboo stick

Blade for cutting

Conditioned Polymer clay


1. Take a small quantity of Lemon (Yellow) coloured clay and roll it into a thin sausage approx 5-10mm thick.  Cut 6 equal slices depending on how big you want your flower to be.

Cutting the daffodil slices

2.  Roll each slice into a ball and then gently flatten each of them between your fingers, narrowing them at each end into a diamond shape, I make them quite thick to ensure strength but you can make them thinner if you wish.

shaping the petals

3.  Now take your cocktail stick or kebab stick and gently roll it across each petal (see photo 1).  Then pinch in one end on each of them. (see photo 2).

shaping the petals2

4.  The centre of the daffodil, the trumpet can be made with the same colour or a contrasting colour.  I am using the Tangerine colour clay. Take a small piece of clay and roll into a ball and then flatten between your fingers. (See picture 1) and then using the cocktail stick indent the top edge (picture 2), now wrap this around the stick to form the trumpet (picture 3), remove from the stick and it should look like picture 4.

Daffodil trumpet

5.  To assemble the flower, take 3 petals and lay them as shown in pic 1,  then take the other 3 petals and lay them in between the first 3 petals as shown in pic 2.  Don’t worry too much about overlap, the centre trumpet will hide this. Now take the trumpet and position in the centre of the flower, gently pressing down the edges pic 3.

Forming the flower

6.  You can now curl the petals upwards slightly to improve its appearance.  To add a stamen to the centre of the trumpet, scrape off some yellow clay with the stick and place in the centre of the trumpet.

Finished daffodil

7.  If you require a stem and leaves.  Use the green clay and roll out a very thin sausage, thin enough for a stem, cut to size.  To form the leaves, take a section of the clay sausage, size as required and roll one end into a point and then flatten with the cocktail stick see pictures.

Making the leaf

Good luck if you have a go at making one, any comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Linda x

Feeling Happy & Inspired!

Today is National Happiness Day. 🙂 What makes you feel happy and inspired?

For me it is definitely Spring, bright colours, flowers, nature, exercise and the Sun and I have certainly not been lacking in inspiration these past few weeks, so much so I have hardly had time to keep up with blogging, Facebook etc.  So I thought I would make this weeks post a bit of a catch up on what I’ve been inspired to make these past few weeks.

Birds, Bees & Ladybirds!

I was at the dentist recently and whilst waiting for my appointment I started to read an article in a gardening magazine about ladybirds, I didn’t get to finish it but it inspired a thought.  I also have a very good customer/friend who loves ladybirds and for her recent birthday I made her a bracelet with beads that were the colour of ladybirds (no photo I’m afraid). She jokingly said, necklace and earrings to match then for Mother’s Day? With the article on ladybirds still in mind, I took this as a bit of a challenge and as I love a challenge, I decided to try to make some ladybird earrings for her.  This then inspired me to have a go at making some bee earrings too. I’m rather pleased with how they both turned out and I have made more since.  You may have noticed that on each of the Mother’s Day hearts I have made there is a ladybird included too (see further down)!

This then lead me onto making birds. I started with the intention of making earrings but they seemed rather big so became keyrings instead.

And the only bit of inspiration for these was a bit of leftover clay and yet another chance to make a flower!

Pantone Colour of the year 2014 Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid Pantone colour of year 2014

My next source of inspiration was the Pantone colour Radiant Orchid, I love bright colours and this colour is a particular favourite, a kind of combination of pink and purple.  I mixed together the clay first to create the colour and then I made the flower bracelet.  I then started to think of colour combinations including this colour and using my extruder is a great way to create patterns with different colours.  I think these turned out really well and I loved combining the silver beads with the clay, I must do more of this.

Shades & Neutrals

I’ve also been working on trying to create different textures and shades using only 2-3 colours of clay, first the browns, then the blues and finally some neutrals. If you want to know how I created the texture on some of the beads, it was with a cheese grater!

Still thinking about colour, I’ve also been practicing my skinner blends with clay, which is blending 2-3 colours together through a pasta machine to create shades and depth.  These are the first items I’ve created using this method.

And lastly a couple of necklaces with some cord beads I made with the help of my extruder again. I love the colour combinations of both of these.

Hot Pink & Turquoise

Back to my favourite bright colours and flowers again, I combined turquoise and hot pink to make a flower cane and then I created these pieces of jewellery.  The elasticated tile bracelet didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked, I spoilt the shape of the beads trying to make the holes, so I am keeping this one for myself.


And finally more flowers and a couple of flower bracelets in different colours.  I think my aim is to make flower bracelets to match most of my outfits in all colour combinations. I love how the purple and white one turned out.  I have in mind to make a lime green and orange one next!

And last but not least I will leave you with a few more Mother’s Day hearts I have created, trying out some Bluebells (I think I got the colour wrong), more daffodils, crocus, snowdrops and even a sheep!  I am in the process of writing a tutorial on how to make a daffodil with polymer clay,  I will hopefully post this next week.

Thanks so much for looking, feedback and comments are gratefully received.  Have a happy and inspired week.

Linda x

Simple jewellery display templates

Jewellery Display templates

This is just a quick post to show you how I made my simple jewellery display cones and flat back necklace display stands.  The cones can be made to display bracelets or necklaces depending on the size you make and what I like about these is they can be created in any colour to match your display.


I like mine to be quite sturdy so I used some A4 160gsm white card and some 12 x 12″ 150gsm patterned cardstock of your choice (I used Dovecraft Back to Basics IV Designer Paper Pack).  You will also need some Modpodge or suitable paper glue,  a brush to apply and a stapler.

Here is the template for the bracelet display cone, you can get 2 from one piece of A4 card (click on the photo, then right click to save as a photo, if you have any problems with any of the templates please let me know):

Bracelet display cone templates

1.  Print and cut out the template and re-draw around it onto your A4 card, 2 can fit onto one piece of A4.

2. Now glue (modpodge) this onto the back of the 150gsm card stock, smooth down to prevent air pockets and allow to dry.

3.  Once dry cut around each template.

4.  Take each piece of card and fold into a cone shape (pattern on outside), overlap the ends slightly, when you are happy with the position staple them together. So simple!


Here is a bigger template for a necklace display cone, although I think I would prefer this to be bigger but I was limited with the size of the card.




To make this, I used the same materials as above, some ribbon and I also used some sturdy card 3-4mm thick from an old cardboard box (you will see I used an old Coors light beer box!)

Template for display stand

Necklace display card template

1. Draw around the template onto the cardboard and cut out.

2. To add extra strength to the cardboard I glued the cardboard template onto the A4 160gsm card and allowed it to dry, it also hides whatever is on the box.  I cut out the shape again.


3.  Next stick this onto the middle of the 150gsm patterned cardstock and allow it to dry again.


4.  I then folded in and glued the cardstock around the template, cutting into the paper to allow it to fold around the shape easily, this was quite difficult due to the shape, but persevere.  Allow to dry.


5.    Next you need to add the stand at the back.  Take a strip of the cardboard approx 3.5″ wide and 8.5″-9″ long. You can cover this with more patterned cardstock if you wish but it’s not necessary.  Score across the card approx 1.5″ from the top and fold.


6.  Position this to the back of the display stand, don’t worry if it is too long, this can be cut later.  Glue this to the back of the card, allow to dry and then add tape for extra security.

7.  Now check they are both the same length by pushing together and cut the stand to the same length as the front.

8.  Add the ribbon, first to the front of the display stand, I attached with a stapler.  Then stand it up and when you are happy with the position attach the ribbon to the stand at the back.  This stops the display stand from falling or slipping open.  Nobody really sees the back so don’t worry too much how it looks!


Hope this inspires you to make your own, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Linda x

Necklace Display ideas

I’m always on the look out for new jewellery displays, either to buy or to make myself.  A while back I looked into earring displays which is HERE if you would like to take a look, this gave me lots of new ideas on how to display earrings and I found it quite inspiring.  So this time I thought I would look more into how to display necklaces.

I’m a great believer in utilising every day items for interesting displays and making your own displays, especially if they keep the price down.  I also think using something different adds a uniqueness to a craft stall and can create a great talking point with potential customers.

But sometimes you really do have to buy them, especially jewellery busts and mannequins.  So first, lets start with the manufactured display items which can come in various materials, styles, shapes and sizes.

There are also simple necklace display boards, which you can either buy or even attempt to make yourself.  These are great if you don’t have much space for storage.

And we have mannequins, fabulous for more permanent displays.

Tree displays are great for hanging items from which you can either buy or you can have a go at making yourself, especially if you can find some interesting tree twigs (which I’m still on the look out for):

Table top display boards and cases and other frames are also excellent if you want a quick and convenient way of displaying your jewellery, I particularly like the idea of setting the display up on the boards beforehand and just being able to open it up ready for displaying.

Lastly, I started looking for more unique displays using every day objects that you could utilise, some more unusual than others!

There are so many different ways to display jewellery, I think my favourites are always the unique ones using every day items. With this post though, I’ve tried to show you a broad selection of items which I think are useful and interesting and which you could create yourself or even inspire you to come up with some new ideas.  It has encouraged me to make some of my own simple necklace and bracelet displays, if you are interested I will be posting a quick tutorial on how I made them in the next few days.


If you are interested in seeing more display ideas for all types of jewellery, I also have a Jewellery Display board on Pinterest which I add to all the time, click HERE for the link if you would like to take a look.

As always thanks for reading and have an enjoyable week.

Linda x

More to Earrings than you think!

Gold and silver Plated Man & lady earrings

Gold and silver Plated Man & lady earrings

Did you know earrings have been around for thousands of years and first originated in the Middle East and Asia?  Throughout the ages they have been worn by both men and women, slaves, pirates and prostitutes.  They have been worn to indicate signs of wealth, cultural and social status, as fashion statements and they have even been worn to ward off evil spirits.

Depending on the fashions of the time, they have fallen in and out of favour and during the 13th Century the Catholic church even banned the piercing of ears, only thieves, pirates and the lower classes continued to wear them.

During the 1920’s we saw the introduction of clip on earrings which made piercings fall out of favour as it was thought that they were less hygienic.  But in the 1970’s they gradually grew popular again.

So, if you have pearced ears, when did you get yours pearced? I didn’t get my ears pierced until the late 80’s when I was 21 and my mum didn’t pluck up the courage to have hers done until she was about 45.

As you know earrings come in a variety of styles, from simple studs, drop earrings and hoops to the more long and flamboyant chandelier earrings but did you know that earrings can be worn to help compliment and correct the shape of the face?  Long earrings optically elongate the face and neck, geometric shapes help to sharpen the features, whilst round or oval earrings soften the features.

Who knew that small round earrings are best for long faces whilst long dangle earrings are best for square faces.  That large earrings are good for faces with small features and massive earrings should be worn without a necklace.  Does all that makes sense or is it a little confusing?  Apparently younger people can almost get away with wearing any style of earring, whilst older ladies need to be more conservative, but scrub that idea!  Who says you can’t wear what you want, eh!

This is only a brief summary of what I found out about earrings, but I hope you found it interesting, there is much more available on the internet if you want to go looking.

So now that I understand that there are more to earrings than just being an accessory, I thought it’s about time I started to put more effort into making them.  You will find that some jewellery makers prefer to make certain pieces of jewellery, for example bracelets, necklaces or earrings, for me it’s necklaces but I promise from now on I will be making the effort to be a bit more creative when making earrings.

So here’s what I’ve made a start on.

Copper wired earrings.  Copper is a much easier wire to manipulate than silver wire so lots of jewellery makers practice with this metal first before moving on to sterling silver.   I love copper coloured jewellery even when it darkens, do you know it also has healing properties?  People who are deficient in copper may benefit from wearing copper jewellery, since it can be absorbed through the skin. Jewellery is a good way of taking  in the small amount of the mineral needed. The healing properties of copper, in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings, can allow a minimal amount of the mineral into the body without overwhelming it. Some wearers of copper jewellery find it relieves the symptoms of arthritis and circulation problems.  Copper is also a very durable metal and copper jewellery will last a lifetime if cared for properly. It’s also easy to clean with a simple soak in lemon or ketchup and then just clean it away with mild soap and water.

A selection of silver plated earrings featuring beads, I tried various designs and practiced hammering the hoops without marking the wire.  A while back, I bought a jewellery hammer for this purpose and a metal block, but found the hammer I bought kept marking the metal, so this time I picked up my hubby’s really old grubby hammer and it worked perfectly!!!  I have a while yet before I move onto Sterling Silver though.  You will see with this bunch of earrings I tried some different shapes.

A few miscellaneous earrings, I was not sure where to put!

With these last couple of pairs of earrings I tried some novelty shapes, the man and woman didn’t turn out too bad for my first attempt and the cat earrings were a request from a friend.

Let me know what you think and how about telling me what style of earrings you like to wear?

Next week look out for a post about necklace display ideas.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

Linda x

Spring Inspired!

Hi, I’m not quite sure what is up with me at the moment, but I am feeling very inspired by the notion of Spring.  Not that I can see much sign of it when I look out of my craft room window at the moment, but here in my craft room I’m seeing lots of flowers, especially in my work so that is making me feel quite cheerful. 🙂 Also maybe the daylight bulb I bought last month really does work, because I’ve had to use it a lot lately!!!

Polymer Clay Daisy Beads

You probably all know by now that I have a little obsession with daisies and I am forever trying to come up with a perfect daisy bead.  Which means lots of trial and error, making daisies and daisy flower canes etc.  Each time I make a cane, I realise I’ve not quite got it right again, but they do sometimes make interesting beads.

Here is a couple more pieces I’ve made with the beads.

Flowers are also the theme for some more Mothers Day gifts I’ve been making, I’ve been making polymer clay hearts and decorating them with handmade flowers, every one is unique and will be very limited as they are time consuming to make.

These ones are in various flower colours.

And these are my favourites, depicting spring flowers and pink roses!

And of course, I had to make a daisy one.

Georgia P Designs handmade polymer clay Mothers Day heart Daisies

Ooh! I also wanted to show you the FAB tree display I bought in the latest Hobbycraft Sale.  I’ve wanted something like this for ages and it’s perfect for hanging and displaying my Mothers Day hearts.


Well that’s me done for another week, maybe next week if I remember I will post about my latest wired earrings.

Take care and have a good week.

Linda x

Mothers Day & Spring designs

Polymer Clay Daffodil brooch

I am not normally one for making gifts for specific occasions, but seeing as I have booked a craft fair a week before Mothers Day in the UK (30th March 2014), I thought it might be a good idea to at least make a few things that suit the occasion.

As I love making polymer clay flowers, I decided to try making some brooches featuring flowers, in particular daffodils. I have been wanting to try to make a daffodil for a while so this was a great excuse to give it a go.

When I make flowers I always start with a photograph of the flower.


Then I just play around with the clay until I get my interpretation of that flower.  Here is what I made.  (A great tip I picked up a while back for getting a nice curl on the petals is to flatten the inside of the petal with a tooth pick, then pinch one end.)

I then started playing around with a couple of other designs, I think the tulips turned out quite well, here are some ready packaged as gifts, what do you think?

The single flowers were just trial pieces which help me design the flowers, then I scale them down.

I’ve also started making some flower bracelets, here is my first daisy bracelet for this year.  Followed by a pink flower bracelet and a purple one.

There are also a selection of earrings and a necklace to match the purple flower bracelet.

I also made a few more pairs of earrings with a similar flower theme.

My last makes I thought I would show you is something a little bit different, but believe it or not one inspired the other, don’t ask how or why, that is just how my mind works sometimes, lol!

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think?  Have a great week.

Linda x

Homemade Lightbox disappointment

I always struggle taking photographs of jewellery in Winter as the light is so bad here in the UK.   So I decided it was about time I tried making a light box, I would love to buy a professional one but as pennies are short I decided this was my only option.

To start with I looked for a tutorial and by luck I had favourited one a few months back which I had forgotten about, published by The Digital Photograph school website, so this was my starting point, the link is HERE.

I didn’t have a large square box and as I was only going to be photographing jewellery  I decided to use a small 7″ x 7″ square box instead.  I also didn’t have the type of card they mentioned in the tutorial or material, so I made do with glossy photo paper for inside the box and some white interfacing for the cover.  The tutorial above was easy to follow and in no time I had a finished lightbox.  All I needed now was a daylight bulb.


So after the second attempt at ordering the correct sized/type of lightbulb (don’t ask!).  I was so excited when it arrived as it meant I could finally try my light box out and hopefully take some bright clear photographs.  But I was disappointed to find that although better than normal light they still had a greyish tinge and needed a little brightening with photo editing software.  Really not what I expected, was I expecting too much?

I am wondering if substituting the different materials was the problem, if the use of photo glossy paper was wrong? I have no idea about the technicalities of light absorption, exposure etc. or an expert in photography so if anyone does then I would really appreciate some advice?

Here are a few examples of photos I have taken using the lightbox and then after a bit of editing.

Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated.

Linda x