The amazing things you can make with Polymer Clay

Polymer clay eggs

Polymer clay eggs, by Kamila Herdinova

Oh! sorry it’s been a while again since I last posted, as you can probably gather I’m not someone who posts anything and everything, I tend to post only when I have something to say and now I have something to say about Polymer Clay.

I discovered polymer clay about 3 years ago, before then I didn’t even know it existed. I can’t even remember how I discovered it but I can remember my first attempt at making some beads with it, I burnt them!!! They went in the oven as lovely red and white beads and came out brown. I had read the instructions wrong on how to bake them and instead of using a cool oven I had it seriously hot, not a mistake I’ve made since, although I have had a few other disasters!

I am going to say it now, I  ♥ LOVE  ♥ Polymer Clay and I am using it more and more in my work especially as I discover more things you can do with it.  It comes in a range of basic colours but you can also blend these colours together to create many other colours.  It is very malleable and any shape can be created.  It is very durable once baked, I have a very hard porcelain tiled floor in my kitchen which I have thrown beads at, they bounce and don’t break no matter how hard I try.  They are also quite tactile and very comfy to wear as jewellery, especially if you like larger beads but don’t like things too heavy.  I am also testing how it fares in all weather conditions with some herb plant markers I have made. (I’ll keep you posted on that one).

I have also discovered that not only can you create fabulous jewellery with it, there are lots of other amazing things that have been created with polymer clay by some very talented artists.  I want to introduce you to just a sample of what I’ve seen, so you can see why I love it and why I am constantly inspired by such a simple medium.  Where I can I have put links to the artists.

So let’s start with some beautiful Polymer Clay bowls and vases:

Now some amazing Polymer Clay sculptures:


I also thought I would show that you can more or less cover anything in Polymer Clay, as you will see in this selection:

You can even cover books, I did try doing this when I did my BTEC mixed media course a couple of years ago, it was one of the items I submitted for assessment, nowhere near as good as these though!


And finally just a few bits of jewellery, made with polymer clay, but doesn’t it look like something else?



I could go on and on showing the wonderful things created with polymer clay but I will leave that for another time I think.  But if you are interested in seeing more you can always take a look at my Polymer Clay Board on Pinterest, I even have a few of my own designs on there too.  There are lots to be inspired about.


Thanks for looking.

Linda x




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