Flowers galore!


Have I told you yet that I have joined the WI? It is a brand new group in my local community so we are still very much finding our feet and planning what we will be doing over the next year. Already we have had a fun night decorating our own mugs to use at our meetings and yes I painted flowers!

My WI mug

Considering I had very little time to do mine, I’m quite pleased how it turned out, here are a few more that were done by the other ladies.

WI mugs

The design I did on my mug did give me some inspiration to make these, which will be bag charms as soon as I get the bag clips.  I am loving them very much and  I’m thinking if nobody else does, I have plenty bags I can hang them from. 🙂

Polymer Clay Flower Bag Charms Georgia P Designs

Here are a few more items I have been making over the last month, whilst I’ve supposedly been taking a rest from making jewellery.

Little bird bag charms:

Here are a few necklaces I’ve made with some corded polymer clay beads, Oh! and a bracelet.  I’m quite hooked on making these as they are so comfy to wear and I’m loving the colours too, especially for summer.  I can make these in any colour combination.

And lastly another flower bracelet lime green and white this time!

Polymer clay Lime green flower bead bracelet Georgia P Designs

It’s lovely and sunny here today, so I’m off out to catch up on some gardening, enjoy your week, I would love to hear your comments and your thoughts on my latest creations?  Oh! The top photo is one of my lovely tulips, they have done really well in my garden this year.


Linda x






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