Simple jewellery display templates

Jewellery Display templates

This is just a quick post to show you how I made my simple jewellery display cones and flat back necklace display stands.  The cones can be made to display bracelets or necklaces depending on the size you make and what I like about these is they can be created in any colour to match your display.


I like mine to be quite sturdy so I used some A4 160gsm white card and some 12 x 12″ 150gsm patterned cardstock of your choice (I used Dovecraft Back to Basics IV Designer Paper Pack).  You will also need some Modpodge or suitable paper glue,  a brush to apply and a stapler.

Here is the template for the bracelet display cone, you can get 2 from one piece of A4 card (click on the photo, then right click to save as a photo, if you have any problems with any of the templates please let me know):

Bracelet display cone templates

1.  Print and cut out the template and re-draw around it onto your A4 card, 2 can fit onto one piece of A4.

2. Now glue (modpodge) this onto the back of the 150gsm card stock, smooth down to prevent air pockets and allow to dry.

3.  Once dry cut around each template.

4.  Take each piece of card and fold into a cone shape (pattern on outside), overlap the ends slightly, when you are happy with the position staple them together. So simple!


Here is a bigger template for a necklace display cone, although I think I would prefer this to be bigger but I was limited with the size of the card.




To make this, I used the same materials as above, some ribbon and I also used some sturdy card 3-4mm thick from an old cardboard box (you will see I used an old Coors light beer box!)

Template for display stand

Necklace display card template

1. Draw around the template onto the cardboard and cut out.

2. To add extra strength to the cardboard I glued the cardboard template onto the A4 160gsm card and allowed it to dry, it also hides whatever is on the box.  I cut out the shape again.


3.  Next stick this onto the middle of the 150gsm patterned cardstock and allow it to dry again.


4.  I then folded in and glued the cardstock around the template, cutting into the paper to allow it to fold around the shape easily, this was quite difficult due to the shape, but persevere.  Allow to dry.


5.    Next you need to add the stand at the back.  Take a strip of the cardboard approx 3.5″ wide and 8.5″-9″ long. You can cover this with more patterned cardstock if you wish but it’s not necessary.  Score across the card approx 1.5″ from the top and fold.


6.  Position this to the back of the display stand, don’t worry if it is too long, this can be cut later.  Glue this to the back of the card, allow to dry and then add tape for extra security.

7.  Now check they are both the same length by pushing together and cut the stand to the same length as the front.

8.  Add the ribbon, first to the front of the display stand, I attached with a stapler.  Then stand it up and when you are happy with the position attach the ribbon to the stand at the back.  This stops the display stand from falling or slipping open.  Nobody really sees the back so don’t worry too much how it looks!


Hope this inspires you to make your own, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Linda x


23 thoughts on “Simple jewellery display templates

  1. Hi thanks for this as i have just sold all my expensive stands as I am moving back to Edinburgh from Cyprus and these will be perfect to make when I start to set up again x

  2. Thanks Linda, finally got round to reading your post after a week of birthdays (well, mine anyway) & school exams (thankfully, not mine)! Going to try the cone first as I’m not sure about my glue quality (Modpodge is pricey out here). I also need a fairly neutral patterned background as I will hopefully use it for photographing my jewellery… let’s see!

    • Happy belated birthday Cath, I hope you had a lovely day? Exams, yuk! My youngest is currently revising for his GCSE’s which start in May, so not looking forward to it. Let me know how you get on with making the cone? Good luck. Linda x

      • I will! Yes my youngest doing her IGCSE’s in May too, mocks start this week. Last week and this is my eldest’s IB mocks…. hard to get them concentrating on schoolwork when they are nearly 18! Hard for me too to stop nagging!

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  5. This is a perfect idea! What size paper did you use for copying the template of the necklace stand, 8.5″ x11″? Or, could you possibly link the template download??
    Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful idea!
    Oregon, USA

  6. These are a great idea thanks for sharing them. I think I may use a snapp or Velcro to be able to take them apart for storage

  7. Good ideas – thank you!
    I had a thought, you could staple the ribbon to the back of the decorated piece on the tall stand, then only the staple will show!

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