Necklace Display ideas

I’m always on the look out for new jewellery displays, either to buy or to make myself.  A while back I looked into earring displays which is HERE if you would like to take a look, this gave me lots of new ideas on how to display earrings and I found it quite inspiring.  So this time I thought I would look more into how to display necklaces.

I’m a great believer in utilising every day items for interesting displays and making your own displays, especially if they keep the price down.  I also think using something different adds a uniqueness to a craft stall and can create a great talking point with potential customers.

But sometimes you really do have to buy them, especially jewellery busts and mannequins.  So first, lets start with the manufactured display items which can come in various materials, styles, shapes and sizes.

There are also simple necklace display boards, which you can either buy or even attempt to make yourself.  These are great if you don’t have much space for storage.

And we have mannequins, fabulous for more permanent displays.

Tree displays are great for hanging items from which you can either buy or you can have a go at making yourself, especially if you can find some interesting tree twigs (which I’m still on the look out for):

Table top display boards and cases and other frames are also excellent if you want a quick and convenient way of displaying your jewellery, I particularly like the idea of setting the display up on the boards beforehand and just being able to open it up ready for displaying.

Lastly, I started looking for more unique displays using every day objects that you could utilise, some more unusual than others!

There are so many different ways to display jewellery, I think my favourites are always the unique ones using every day items. With this post though, I’ve tried to show you a broad selection of items which I think are useful and interesting and which you could create yourself or even inspire you to come up with some new ideas.  It has encouraged me to make some of my own simple necklace and bracelet displays, if you are interested I will be posting a quick tutorial on how I made them in the next few days.


If you are interested in seeing more display ideas for all types of jewellery, I also have a Jewellery Display board on Pinterest which I add to all the time, click HERE for the link if you would like to take a look.

As always thanks for reading and have an enjoyable week.

Linda x


3 thoughts on “Necklace Display ideas

  1. What a useful list for us jewellery makers! As you can see from my latest post, I invested in a necklace bust both for displaying at fairs and for taking photos on. What I REALLY need though and can’t seem to find is a foot for taking photos of my anklets on, which don’t resemble a prosthetic limb or have a fake ‘heel’ protruding from the bottom! I can’t use my own ankle as it’s not pretty enough and my daughter is never still enough to use hers. If you can find one, please let me know! Your homemade bracelet display looks like it could work in the meantime, I look forward to seeing how you did it – they look great! Cath x

    • Thanks Cath I do like putting things like this together as it helps me with display ideas and makes me think out of the box regarding display. I’m the same as you, when I try taking pictures of my jewellery on myself all I see is wrinkles etc, made me realise how old I am. 😦 . I have even tried using my son as a model, with a bit of cropping I can get rid of the hairy arms, but he wasn’t too happy about it, lol!! I have had a look for an anklet display for you and I found this I don’t particularly like it in black, but I was thinking you could make something similar with card and good quality patterned paper as a start. Also I was thinking you could contact this person on Etsy who made the paper mache jewellery bust and see if she could do a foot, here is the link to the bust

      I will try to post the bracelet display I made later today, they are really easy to make. Lx

      • Thanks Linda! The first one is OK for stalls but wouldn’t be quite right for photos, I like the sound of making one – great idea. The second papier mache ones, nice in a bust but I’m not sure how a foot would look! You are right about the wrinkles (and veins) showing! I laughed when I heard about using your son to model ladies jewellery! Look forward to seeing your tutorial, thanks 🙂

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