Spring Inspired!

Hi, I’m not quite sure what is up with me at the moment, but I am feeling very inspired by the notion of Spring.  Not that I can see much sign of it when I look out of my craft room window at the moment, but here in my craft room I’m seeing lots of flowers, especially in my work so that is making me feel quite cheerful. 🙂 Also maybe the daylight bulb I bought last month really does work, because I’ve had to use it a lot lately!!!

Polymer Clay Daisy Beads

You probably all know by now that I have a little obsession with daisies and I am forever trying to come up with a perfect daisy bead.  Which means lots of trial and error, making daisies and daisy flower canes etc.  Each time I make a cane, I realise I’ve not quite got it right again, but they do sometimes make interesting beads.

Here is a couple more pieces I’ve made with the beads.

Flowers are also the theme for some more Mothers Day gifts I’ve been making, I’ve been making polymer clay hearts and decorating them with handmade flowers, every one is unique and will be very limited as they are time consuming to make.

These ones are in various flower colours.

And these are my favourites, depicting spring flowers and pink roses!

And of course, I had to make a daisy one.

Georgia P Designs handmade polymer clay Mothers Day heart Daisies

Ooh! I also wanted to show you the FAB tree display I bought in the latest Hobbycraft Sale.  I’ve wanted something like this for ages and it’s perfect for hanging and displaying my Mothers Day hearts.


Well that’s me done for another week, maybe next week if I remember I will post about my latest wired earrings.

Take care and have a good week.

Linda x


12 thoughts on “Spring Inspired!

    • You wouldn’t believe the saga I had getting it though. I ordered and paid for it online to pick up at the store, then the next day I received an email saying it was out of stock and they had refunded me the money. Later that day I was near Hobbycraft so I popped in to see if I could get the other colour instead. Turned out they had loads of white ones and had no idea why I’d been told they didn’t. Thanks for the tip off in the first place Diane. Lx

  1. Your beads are pretty.
    Your hearts are charming and so lovely and look like cake icing.
    The tree is a peach for display. Sweet!

    • Thank you, my son did suggest they would make great biscuits, but they would be expensive considering how long they take to make! I’m so happy I found the tree it’s perfect and was a bargain too. Linda x

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