Mothers Day & Spring designs

Polymer Clay Daffodil brooch

I am not normally one for making gifts for specific occasions, but seeing as I have booked a craft fair a week before Mothers Day in the UK (30th March 2014), I thought it might be a good idea to at least make a few things that suit the occasion.

As I love making polymer clay flowers, I decided to try making some brooches featuring flowers, in particular daffodils. I have been wanting to try to make a daffodil for a while so this was a great excuse to give it a go.

When I make flowers I always start with a photograph of the flower.


Then I just play around with the clay until I get my interpretation of that flower.  Here is what I made.  (A great tip I picked up a while back for getting a nice curl on the petals is to flatten the inside of the petal with a tooth pick, then pinch one end.)

I then started playing around with a couple of other designs, I think the tulips turned out quite well, here are some ready packaged as gifts, what do you think?

The single flowers were just trial pieces which help me design the flowers, then I scale them down.

I’ve also started making some flower bracelets, here is my first daisy bracelet for this year.  Followed by a pink flower bracelet and a purple one.

There are also a selection of earrings and a necklace to match the purple flower bracelet.

I also made a few more pairs of earrings with a similar flower theme.

My last makes I thought I would show you is something a little bit different, but believe it or not one inspired the other, don’t ask how or why, that is just how my mind works sometimes, lol!

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think?  Have a great week.

Linda x


3 thoughts on “Mothers Day & Spring designs

  1. Hi Linda, Happy New Year! Fresh Spring colours and love the brooches, you are very organised! I think the daisy bracelet with the silver insects on is especially pretty. Good luck with the Fair! Cath

    • Hi Cath, Happy New Year to you too, it’s been a while! How are you? I often read your posts, but just never find the time to sit down properly and comment. I’ve just been so bad at blogging and reading and commenting on other blogs, but I am hoping to make amends this year and start doing it more often again. Take care and thanks for your comments, the daisy bracelets do always seem to be popular they just take me ages to make. Linda x

      • I’m glad you are back in the blogging world, it’s hard to keep up and I have moments where I think about stopping. What I’ve decided instead (as stopping would be detrimental to promoting my jewellery!) is to write a blog post once or twice a week, if it suits. Sometimes it’s more often if there is something going on or I have taken some good photos, but I feel I need more time to concentrate on other things, ie family, at the moment, and giving yourself permission to not beat yourself up about having to post, is a relief.

        Hope you have a great weekend! Cath x

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