Homemade Lightbox disappointment

I always struggle taking photographs of jewellery in Winter as the light is so bad here in the UK.   So I decided it was about time I tried making a light box, I would love to buy a professional one but as pennies are short I decided this was my only option.

To start with I looked for a tutorial and by luck I had favourited one a few months back which I had forgotten about, published by The Digital Photograph school website, so this was my starting point, the link is HERE.

I didn’t have a large square box and as I was only going to be photographing jewellery  I decided to use a small 7″ x 7″ square box instead.  I also didn’t have the type of card they mentioned in the tutorial or material, so I made do with glossy photo paper for inside the box and some white interfacing for the cover.  The tutorial above was easy to follow and in no time I had a finished lightbox.  All I needed now was a daylight bulb.


So after the second attempt at ordering the correct sized/type of lightbulb (don’t ask!).  I was so excited when it arrived as it meant I could finally try my light box out and hopefully take some bright clear photographs.  But I was disappointed to find that although better than normal light they still had a greyish tinge and needed a little brightening with photo editing software.  Really not what I expected, was I expecting too much?

I am wondering if substituting the different materials was the problem, if the use of photo glossy paper was wrong? I have no idea about the technicalities of light absorption, exposure etc. or an expert in photography so if anyone does then I would really appreciate some advice?

Here are a few examples of photos I have taken using the lightbox and then after a bit of editing.

Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated.

Linda x


One thought on “Homemade Lightbox disappointment

  1. I actually prefer the unedited pics, the slightly darker background makes the colours stand out in each piece. I completely understand your dilemmea though, well done on making the lightbox 🙂

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