A Good use for Scrap Polymer Clay ~ Natasha Beads

I’m always excited when I find something new related to Polymer Clay especially when it’s a great way to use up scrap clay or those scrap ends from any polymer clay canes you might make.

I discovered this tutorial the other day, which showed you how to make what they called a ‘Natasha’ bead.  It is really simple and produces amazing results.  It’s a bit like cracking open a rock and discovering a fossil!

In this video the tutor explains more about the beads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE06xudwP6k

But in this one she is tutoring someone else so it is easier to follow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQHuw5y6jO8

You will probably see for yourself with the video how to do it, but if you are short on time, I can sum it up quite quickly here.  All you need is a rolling pin and a cutting blade.

1.  Take the scrap pieces of clay (chopped up to form a better mix) or the end of a cane you have made and roll this into a small sausage shape. You then need to twist each end as much as you like (this distorts the clay), then squish the twisted sausage by pressing each end to shorten it, then re-roll again into a smooth sausage.  Repeat this a few times or as much as you like, it’s really up to you how much you want to distort the pattern inside the clay, scrap ends of flower canes make amazing results.

2.  Now for the magic!  Place the sausage on a flat surface and using a roller flatten/square the sides of the sausage, until you have a long cube shape.  Once you have done this, take your cutting blade and slice down the centre, lengthways (try to be as accurate as possible). Now open it up by flipping the sides outwards.  This will reveal your pattern (amazing eh!).  Now cut these 2 pieces down the centre again and flip those.

3.  Now take the centre two pieces and carefully match the pattern up, then take the outside piece and match the pattern up again and the same with the other.  You are reforming the cube but with the pattern on the outside.  All you have to do now is smooth out the joins, using your fingers.

After smoothing everything out, I decided to roll it and I made a hairslide with it, here it is baked and varnished.


Here are a few others I’ve made, using some scrap clay from my flower and leaf canes.  I’ve tried to show you the beads that the original cane made and what the scrap clay produced.

Do you remember the the leaf cane I made?  Here is what I made with those scrap ends.

And finally, here is a couple of items I made with a recent cane and beads I made.

If you have a go at this I would love to see your creations?

Thanks, have a good week.

Linda x

PS. Apologies for the photos, winter light is just not good.  Also if you wonder what the bubble wrap is about, I put this under my glass board to stop it sliding about, lol!


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