Simple Polymer Clay Leaf cane (Tutorial)


I love making Polymer clay flowers and beads, so you would think I would have tried to make a leaf out of polymer clay before now.  My current lack of motivation may have been something to do with it, but as I found myself at a loose end (for a change) at the weekend, I decided to tackle this head on.

You will see it wasn’t a great success, but the method was simple, so I think it just needs more practice and more patience, even so, mistakes can still look OK on beads, so don’t worry too much.  This is how I did it.

First you will need:

Pasta Machine (set on 3 or 4) or Rolling pin

2 Complimentary colours of Polymer Clay (leaf shades)

Cutting Blade

Acrylic block

1.  Start by conditioning/working the clay to ensure it is soft enough to work with, roll and squeeze between your hands.  I didn’t have enough of one colour of green clay so I mixed 2 together, one of which was quite crumbly, so this took me ages! I also had to do the same with the brown/bronze colour (I never make it easy for myself).  You will need more of the green than the brown.  Roll each into a ball and then roll out the brown until it is smooth and flat with a rolling-pin or put it through the pasta machine, put this to one side.

2.  Now take the green ball and start to roll this into a cylinder shape, you can use your hands or an acrylic block.  Use the acrylic block or your hand to press down on the cylinder to flatten it, it needs to be round and approx 1″ deep.

3.  Now using the cutting blade, make 4 equal cuts straight through the clay and separate them out slightly.

4. Take 2 of the slices (nearest to you) and lay them onto the rolled out brown clay and carefully cut around them and then piece them back together, making sure you have them the right way up.

5. Now take the other 2 ends and do the same, so it looks like this, squeeze them gently together back into the circle shape.


6.  Using your cutting blade, make a slightly diagonal cut through the centre of the clay, so it looks like this.

7.  Take one half of the leaf and lay this onto the brown clay and cut carefully around it (I didn’t do too well at this as you will see in the next photo).  This will form the centre of the leaf.


8.  Now it is important to remember to flip this half over before you put the 2 halves back together, so it looks like this, this makes it look more like a leaf.   You can now see I didn’t cut the brown clay very well.


9.   That’s the leaf made, all you need to do now is start squeezing and stretching the clay to reduce the size of the leaf, ensuring you maintain the leaf shape.  This is the bit I think I messed up with as I didn’t maintain the shape very well and I distorted the lines too much, you do have to be careful not to destroy the shape as you cannot roll this, so be patient!


10.  Here are a few beads I made with the leaves, they still needs holes and to be baked.


Thanks for looking, I write these posts just as much for me as for anyone else who would like to read them, that way if I ever forget how to make something I have a reference to go back to, lol! 🙂

Bye for now.

Linda x


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