Making more Polymer Clay Beads

Hi just a quick post to show you some of my very recent makes with some polymer clay beads I have been making.

Here are the beads fresh from the oven.

And here are some pieces I have made so far, I think there is nothing nicer than being able to make your own beads and then make something which is truly unique with them.

Neapolitan Chunky Necklace

Neapolitan Chunky Necklace

Even though I made these beads myself I do really love how they turned out, especially the cream beads with the flower detail, I surprised myself, problem is can I part with them?

Neapolitan Chunky necklace v2 with pink agate beads

Neapolitan Chunky necklace v2 with pink agate beads

I was trying to get a slightly different look with this necklace above, even though it is made with the same beads.  At first I was going to make it up as a longer necklace with silver plated tubes between the beads, but I then noticed how well these pink agate beads went with my beads and the design totally changed.

Neapolitan Flower Pendant Necklace on a silver plated chain

Neapolitan Flower Pendant Necklace on a silver plated chain

Leftover clay and a few slices of the flowers which were left made up this pendant.  Another I’m really pleased with, I’ve also applied flowers to the back, so if it flips round you won’t notice.

Navy & Grey Chunky Necklace v3

Navy & Grey Chunky Necklace v3

This is the third chunky navy and grey necklace, made with all the blue clay I had left.  Similar to the last one (in my last post) but with silver plated spacers added this time and slightly longer.

I hope you like?

Have a great day.

Linda x

PS.  For those who visit my blog on a regular basis you may have noticed that the layout has changed.  The reason for this, is that I’ve never really been happy with how my blog looked before, for one I couldn’t get a pull down menu for my jewellery and I didn’t really like the colour palette.  So I thought it was time for a change.  I’ve gone for something a bit simpler this time in appearance, its not perfect  yet, but its getting there. 😉  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Making more Polymer Clay Beads

  1. Love your blog page Linda. Popped over to nose at your site after your link to your bead making on our mutual FB group 🙂 I had a go at Fimo beads once and was quite pleased but so want to try making some more. Think I will be following your tutorial and see what happens! So love your beads and what you make from them! Keep up the good work 🙂 x

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for taking a look and your lovely comments. You must have a go at making the beads, it really is very simple, it just takes a bit of time, if you do get stuck just give me a shout, I would love you to show me what you make. Do you have a blog? Lx

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