Large Navy Beads

Yes strange title I know, but have you ever tried looking for very large beads and in particular navy coloured beads?  It’s not something I had ever thought about before because to be honest navy is not one of my favourite colours for jewellery, yes a navy jacket or a pair of trousers but jewellery no.

This came about because after seeing the polymer clay necklace I made which was in my last post, a lady contacted me and asked if I would be able to make a similar necklace but in navy and grey as she wanted it to match a dress she had bought. My first thought was can I actually get navy and grey clay?  Well in Fimo soft you can get a light grey but you can’t get navy, the closest you can get is Windsor, so that is what I bought, hoping when I varnished it, it might be OK.

She asked for a chunky beaded necklace that was mainly navy but included some grey. Now my first mistake, was not taking a deposit, those who do commissions all the time, will say that’s the first thing you should ask for, but I saw making the beads as a challenge and forgot all about the business side of things. I even said if you don’t like it when it’s made don’t worry about it.

So 2 days later, yes it took that long to make the beads, cook them, varnish them and then design and make up the necklace, I emailed a picture to the lady.  Within an hour I had a message back saying it wasn’t really what she had in mind.  Oh! What do I do with it now?

Blue & Grey Polymer Clay Necklace

One of the first things I did was go and talk to some friends on a beading and jewellery page, who shouted at me for not taking a deposit.  But this is also when I discovered that it’s quite rare to find good navy coloured beads and very large ones especially, I hadn’t thought about it before, although come to think of it you can usually only buy large acrylic beads. The largest beads I made were about 2.5cm’s in size and it turned out to be quite a weighty piece.

They asked me to post a picture out of interest (the page is strictly no selling) but within a few minutes someone wanted to buy it and I’m pleased to say it is now safely with its new owner and they love it. 🙂 They also wanted to know if I sold my beads, I’ve never really considered doing this.

To finish off my little story the lady I originally made the necklace for later that same day contacted me again and said she had changed her mind and wanted to buy it.

A lesson for me about taking deposits but also a lesson for the buyer too, don’t make decisions too quickly.

With my left over beads I made this other necklace, which is still available.

Blue & Grey Polymer Clay Necklace v2

And I have since made a new batch of beads! Oh what shall I make?

Take care.

Linda x


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