My earth/vintage colour jewellery showcase

Hi there, one of my favourite colours to work with is purple but just recently I seem to have been making quite a bit of jewellery with more earthy/vintage tones.  I say vintage because a Facebook group page I have joined, currently has a vintage colour pallet challenge to help us find our mojo, (we all seem to be struggling at the moment).  We can make anything as long as we use these colours.

Vintage colours

As I don’t normally work with these colours I had to have a good look at the beads and supplies I already had and I finally came up with this cuff bracelet.

Pink & Blue cuff bracelet

Then this sparked a thought in my head, “Why don’t I make some beads, in these colours?”  So that is what I did.  Out came the polymer clay again and  I had lots of fun experimenting with the extruder and making beads and pendants.

My first piece I left the beads un-varnished as I liked the earthy natural look, what do you think?


Then I made these donut pendants, which I did varnish, (I’m definitely keeping one of these for myself).


And lastly I made this necklace with varnished beads and copper spacer beads.


These are the other pieces I have made over the last few weeks and it was only when I had them all piled up together I realised they shared a similar colour palette or blended nicely together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think?

Bye for now.

Linda x


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