Bird Watch again!

For the last week or so, I have had a noisy little bird sitting in the tree outside my window, which I have now identified as a Goldfinch, a very pretty bird with a red, black & white head and yellow, black and white flecks on its wings.  I have since discovered that a pair of them have nested in the bush right outside my front door!

I don’t know if you remember last year I mentioned we had a pair of long tail tits nesting in our hedge at the front and I had a very traumatic day when their 3 babies fledged, two landing straight onto the ground and one deciding my husbands car windscreen looked like a good place to hide.  The reason I say traumatic a neighbours cat also spotted them!  There was me at 7am in my pj’s dashing out of the house to chase the cat away, pick the birds up and put them back in the hedge, you can imagine I spent most of the morning doing this until finally I got 2 of them to fly off into the trees and safety from the cat, but the third was a lot more trouble and didn’t seem ready to fly at all.  Eventually I put it in a bush in the wooded area where the other 2 had flown to, but I have no idea if it survived, I like to think that it did.



So I am dreading having to do the same with baby goldfinches!  For some reason because they nest in our garden we feel very protective of them.  I’ll keep you posted.

I am sorry for the randomness of my posts recently, I will get back to jewellery soon, promise!

Have a great day.

Linda x


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