Just About Beads

Rather than re-writing this post which I wrote for The Crafty Network about The Up North Bead Fair, I thought it would be much easier to just reblog it. Lx

The Crafty Network

An unusual post for me here on The Crafty Network, as this post is all about Beads.  I think many of you know that I personally make jewellery, although I did have a dabble last year in mixed media design too, but I much prefer playing with beads.

Yesterday I visited the Up North Bead Fair, the first of their events this year which is held at Haydock Park Racecourse.  Where you can find over 30 Bead & Jewellery making suppliers all selling lots and lots of lovely beads, a very dangerous place for a beadaholique, especially one with not much money!

(See their website for a list of exhibitors and links to their websites http://www.beadsupnorth.co.uk/). You may recognise one or two of them, Purple Penguin Beads, Lampwork Beads By Jo

Normally when I visit this event I have a list which I never keep to and quite a healthy budget which…

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