Loosing my…….?

Inspiration, motivation, mojo, creativity, marbles, I’m really not sure which, but at the moment I just don’t seem able to start anything and finish it!  This has been going on now for nearly a month and its beginning to worry me.

Do you ever have times, when you have an idea to make something, you start, but then your creativity just fizzles out?  I have a mounting pile of discarded beads and findings which all started to become something but I either didn’t like what I was making, I just got fed up of making it so I pulled it apart or it’s still sat there on my mat half-finished and abandoned. 😦

I want to be able to blame it on something, someone, but I can’t even do that, it is entirely my own fault.

On a brighter note and totally unrelated, my son picked up his first ever car today.  He passed his test over 18 months ago, but due to the price of the insurance he has not been able drive since.  Every so often we have looked at an assortment of small cars, noted the registration numbers and then searched for insurance quotes, but the quotes have always been around £2,000+, so you can imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago we decided to have a look around again at cars and the insurance quotes where actually below £1,000 for the first time, yeh!  This obviously spurred us on, but then he had to make the hard decision of choosing a car, that was low on insurance, within his budget and most importantly ‘COOL’!  He had already come to terms with, that the Laborghini, Ferrari etc would have to wait, but he still wanted a car that he wouldn’t be embarrassed to drive, so the pink Fiat 500 was out!

He finally decided it was between the Citroen C1, the Renault Twingo or a VW Fox, in the end though the Insurance quote swung it in favour of the VW Fox (Group 1 Insurance) and the fact that it was Black and had alloy wheels.  I personally think it’s a nice little car and hopefully he will be very happy driving it ‘safely’ for a couple of years.  Anyone know if you can buy speed inhibitors to stop it going over 40 mph? lol!

Lewis's new car 2013

Oh well, I’m hoping and keeping my fingers crossed I will have found my creative inspiration by the time I post again.  Enjoy your week.

Linda x


2 thoughts on “Loosing my…….?

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the creative spark fizzling out – happens to me all the time. But there’s the key word – ‘time’! I never seem to get any. Well not proper time anyway. I need a good block of time and it just runs away!

    Congratulations on the car thing too! I know exactly where you are coming from with that. My 17 year old daughter is learning to drive just now. She has been having lessons since December, and now that the weather is slightly improved, we have insured the car for her to practise. But only for one month because it’s SO expensive to insure. I really want her to pass because it’s a valuable life skill and best learnt while you are young, but she won’t be getting a car! But hopefully she’ll be going off studying and actually won’t really need one.

    Good luck with your beading projects.

    • Thanks Christina, good luck to your daughter with her lessons. It is a real shame about the cost of insurance, we spend a small fortune on the lessons and tests and then at the end of it they can’t afford to drive and they then get a bit rusty after not driving for so long. When my son was learning to drive he had to stick with just lessons with an instructor, I did enquire about insuring him to drive my car for a month like you have, I was quoted £3,200!! Take care. Linda x

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