Back on the clay!

As it’s spring time I thought it was about time I dug out my stash of polymer clay again and had a little play, it’s been a while!

I think this is the best time of year to make things with Polymer Clay, I know people make things with it all year round, but personally I find in Winter the clay is far too cold and takes forever to condition and soften and in Summer it’s too warm and the clay becomes too soft and sticky. Spring offers a happy medium, for me anyway!

You have to understand most of what I made today was totally experimental, I was limited with the colours I have left, mainly white and a few odd bits of other colours.  I managed to make some blue and white flowers and the rest I made into pendants, adding patterns and words with some acrylic stamps.

Here they are fresh from the oven!

Baked Polymer Clay Pendants by Georgia P Designs (2)

Once they had cooled some of the pendants looked far too plain so I decided to try using some acrylic paint, first applying the paint with a paint brush, but I found applying it with my fingers was far better and more fun!

I have to be honest and say I think some of the pendants turned out better than others.  I certainly like the pendants with words on and my head is already buzzing with more ideas for these.

Word Polymer Clay Pendants by Georgia P Designs (2)

And this is what I made with the flowers.

Note to self, I must buy more clay, lol!

Bye for now.

Linda x


8 thoughts on “Back on the clay!

  1. It must be in the air. This morning I got out some pieces I had done a long time ago and put a finish coat on them. I had painted them months ago, made them over a year ago !! I used some words on those pieces too !! I love how yours came out. My fonts are not as pretty as yours, my letters are more basic, and I love how you painted them !!
    I have a ton of clay, I am going to have to get it out play with it !!!
    How do you bake yours ? In your kitchen oven, or a toaster oven. If a toaster oven, in the house, or outside. That is the thing that I have the hardest time with, I would love to know how you do your baking !!! My husband is a bit nervous about the fumes so I have not used the big oven, but that sure would be more convient, but I do have a toaster oven I can use.
    Thanks for sharing, I love your new creations !!

    • Thanks. I just use my normal electric oven (I haven’t mentioned dangerous fumes to my hubby, he’s better not knowing!), although I do cover them with a domed sheet of tin foil. I bake at 130oC for about 32 mins then switch the oven off and leave them in there to cool naturally which is a tip I picked up a while ago and it seems to work OK.

      I’ve been looking for more words, I was lucky with these as they came in a pack when I was looking for a thank you stamp and I am quite pleased with how they look. Problem is I can’t find anymore good words, so I’m looking into buying those blocks of individual alphabet stamps. Once I start playing with the clay all these ideas start coming into my head, it’s knowing when to stop though! I look forward to seeing some of yours.

      Linda x

      • I have a set of metal letters. I have no clue where my hubby got them, but when I mentioned I wanted to print words on some of my clay items he got them out and gave them to me. Very basic font, but I can write anything with them. Would love to eventually get some prettier words or letter fonts. They are big though so usually I use my small rubber stamps, also just a normal font, I think I paid a buck at Michaels for them !!
        I promise this week to get my clay out and do something with it. The really dumb thing is, as a kid, I LOVED making things out of clay, so you would think I would have been playing in the clay every day, lol !!
        OKay, I feel better about trying the big oven, I will just do the tenting thing. I have read other people use a regular oven. I do not mind using the toaster oven too, I will jsut see what works better for me !! I am glad to know you can use it in the real oven and it is safe !!

  2. I really like the ammonite charm and the word charms. Is that leather cord you are using to string them? How do you keep yours straight? Mine are wrapped into coils (my husband bought them from Turkey for me years ago) and I never use them as they look all wavy around the neck. Should they be ‘stretched’ by a weight first? (I read this somewhere but it didn’t really work)! Any advice to use up my stash is appreciated! Cath

  3. I have never used polymer clay so interesting to hear your comments regarding the time of year. Some of the colours and textures on the pendants are beautiful. But my favourite is the blue and white flower necklace. Thanks for sharing.

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