Wirework Jewellery

This year I am hoping to improve my wire working skills, especially since I’ve been inspired by some great wire work artists I have recently discovered, mainly from the USA.

I have had a dabble now and again, but I’ve never really progressed it any further, mainly because the items I have made have been slow to sell and also a lot of work and time can be involved in some of these pieces.   I also think I need lots more practice!

When I talk about wire work techniques, this is more than just the basics, ie. wire loops, spirals, wrapped wire loops etc.  I am talking about intricate wire wrappped pieces, sometimes using beads/bezels/cabochons and also wire weaving/viking knit techniques.

Let me show you just a few examples;

There are quite a few people who make tree of life pendants from wire and beads, I myself have made one or two of these, 2 I have made recently, but they are not nearly as good as these by Vixens Natural Jewelry whose pendants I really admire.

To see more and visit Vixens Natural Jewelry Etsy Store click HERE

Another jewellery maker I admire is Nicole Hanna Jewelry, she makes the most beautiful wire wrapped pendants, earrings etc and also offers tutorials for sale.

To see more and visit Nicole Hanna Jewelry Website click HERE

Here are some more wired pendants by Szarka who is a very busy lady, who not only makes the most gorgeous jewellery and provides tutorials on Youtube, she also runs a very successful company that sells the most amazing gemstone beads Magpie Gemstones.

To visit Szarka facebook page click HERE and Website HERE

Here are a couple of lovely pieces of Viking Knit jewellery I saw, made by Anchor K Creations.  This is the method of making handmade chains using a loop in loop method, jewellery using this technique was first found in Viking treasure troves in Scandinavia, hence the name.

To visit Anchor K Creations facebook page click HERE

And here are some more beautiful Viking Knit Necklaces by JanRa Jewelry.

Click the link to see and visit JanRa Jewelry 

A very similar technique to Viking knit, not really sure what this is called but I saw these pieces by a lady called Eva Rakova.  Again this is looping wire but flat within a frame rather than around a tube. I have tried this method but although the pendant turned out ok it didn’t turn out quite as neat as these, lots more practice required.  I’m afraid I don’t have a link for Eva.

I particulary like these wired pieces too by Julie Stratton of Luna Loca Creations.

Click here to view more Luna Loca Creations

Lastly, although not jewellery, I thought I would leave you with this amazing wirework creation I discovered by The Angsty Artist

The Angsty Artist Wirework Basket

The Angsty Artist Wirework Basket

In a later post, I’ll show you some of my attempts at wirework pieces!


Linda x


5 thoughts on “Wirework Jewellery

  1. Linda, I would love to try wirework but not sure where to start! Like you, i don’t want to spend hours on a piece for it not to sell. Have you seen the work of Emily Gray? Now if I could get to that standard id be happy!! 😉 Jen x

    • Hi Jen, I have just taken a look at Emily Grays work on Etsy, WOW!! If I could even get to half that standard and complexity I would be happy. I think wirework takes lots of practice,cheap wire and sore fingers to begin with. I think there are some basic techniques you have to learn first, but there are plenty of tutorials around. Linda x

    • That’s no problem Szarka, your work is amazing and I felt it deserved to be promoted as one of the best I’ve seen. I’m afraid the wirework for me has taken a bit of a back burner at the moment. I do follow your tutorials on youtube and I do have a go now and again. However, I seem to be concentrating more on my polymer clay work at the moment, hopefully at some point I can combine the two. 🙂 Thanks & take care. Linda x

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