Spring cleaning!!

sunny day photo

For a change the sun has been shining this past week and it has inspired me to take a break from making jewellery and do that long-awaited spring clean, including tackling all the dead things in the garden!  Usually I will do anything to put off picking up a duster and pushing the hoover around the house, but this week it felt good to have everything clean and tidy.  I’m also pleased to report, my hubby finally started painting the kitchen, or should I say he has started with the utility and has promised I may have the kitchen painted within the month!! The colour I chose, Duck Egg Blue, is a bit out of my comfort zone, as I usually go for more neutral colours, but it’s growing on me.

The spring clean also included deleting lots of old emails and files and sorting through all my jewellery photos, I must take at least 5 to 6 photos of each piece I make and I’ve made a lot of pieces, so you can imagine how many photos I have!  I have been going through them all on my PC and keeping only the ‘good’ photos and making sure they are all referenced.

Talking about referencing your crafts, I was wondering if any of you have a system for logging each item you make?  I was using a simple method of a letter for the piece and the next available number, ie. for a necklace, it would be N001 and so on, a bracelet B001, Earrings E001, you get the picture?  But someone suggested including the date when the item was made and even the basic cost of the item, ie. for a necklace made in March 2013, which cost £6 to make, it would be N313/6/001.  That way you would know how long you have had the piece before it sold and the basic cost if say someone was looking for a discount, ie. you are selling the necklace for £10.00, but you know in order to break even and get your costs back, you can’t sell it for less than £6.00.  Does that make sense?

I also tried and failed this week to have a technology free day.  Have you ever tried not using your smart phone, tablet or pc/laptop for just one day?  I found it totally impossible!  I rely on it far too much, for communication, for information and even for watching tv programmes.  Since I’ve had the iPad it has been much easier and quicker to check emails, Facebook/twitter updates, search the internet for information so I do find myself reaching for it all the time, more so than when I just used the PC.

The other thing I did this week, I commandeered the dining table and had a practice with a new jewellery layout, let me know what you think?  Comments would be gratefully received.  Oh! I also found a use for the 2 poor quality A4 cork notice boards I bought the other week.  I taped them both together, added a piece of foam to one side and covered it all with black material and it is now a little display for children’s necklaces (to the right of the photo).

Have a good week everyone and I hope the sun is shining wherever you are, it does make you feel good, roll on the summer.

Linda x


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning!!

    • Thanks Jan, do you know I hadn’t really noticed the black & white theme, that was pure accident, lol! I’ve been doing the same re the cleaning and gardening for weeks, cleaning is not my favourite task to do and I’m always looking for excuses not to do it and crafting is a great excuse! Linda x

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