Earring Display

Following on from my post about displaying Earrings, I was determined to have a go at making something for my earrings.  Plan A was to use some cork notice boards, so I ordered some A4 size cork boards and when they arrived I was extremely disappointed in the quality of them, they were far too flimsy and thin and there was no way I was going to use them.  So Plan B was put into action and off I went to my local Ikea store and I bought 2 light wood box photo frames 23cm x 32.5cm, for £4 each (See HERE) and I also bought a pack of 3 flower prints for £3 to use in the frames (I was going to insert some patterned paper but thought these would be much better and it saved me the job of measuring and cutting).  I also nipped to my local DIY store and bought a pack of small hinges.

Ikea Ribba Frame

Ikea Ribba Frame

When I got home, I assembled the pictures in the frames, then I had to decide whether to forget the glass and hammer nails in or staple some ribbon across the frames to hang the earrings, I decided on the ribbon.  I then got my hubby to fit the hinges and here is the finished result.

Earring Display Using Ikea Ribba Frames

And with the earrings.  I did have to re-design the earring cards I had made.  I tried adding a flap to the back, I also tried just hooking the ear wires over the ribbon but in the end I re-made the cards again and added an extra 2cm to the length of the cards so I could add a flap at the top to hang over the ribbon, this seemed to work best.

Earring Display using Ikea Ribba Frames Georgia P Designs

It can display 32 pairs of earrings and I can fold it up with the earring still in place for storage or transportation.  I’m really pleased with my display and it’s very sturdy too and all for the total cost of £14. 🙂

Linda x


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