Chenille Stitch Beaded Bracelet

Chenillle Beaded Bracelet by Georgia P Designs (2)

I was going to publish this a few weeks back when I first made this bracelet, but I decided to wait as I wanted to have another go at making it because I struggled with how to finish it off last time.

The instructions provided by Sara Spoltore on YouTube are really good and easy to follow especially has she is not doing the tutorial in her own language, but in English. But the problem I had is she does not show you how to finish the bracelet off.  I find that seems to happen a lot in tutorials!!! I presume it is very similar to how you start the bracelet, but when you are doing it for the first time you spend more time concentrating and following the instructions you do kind of forget how you first started!  So I ended up making the finish up and went a bit wrong!

Here is the link to the tutorial by Sara Spoltore. CLICK HERE

The pattern itself once you get going with it is really easy to follow and using the 2 different size 11/0 coloured seed beads really helped. I used Wildfire thread and it gave me a really neat and close finish, but when I made the second bracelet I used Fireline and this gave nowhere near the same finish, although I used the same sized seed beads.  It also appeared quite mis-shapen, so I won’t be using Fireline again for this bracelet!  However, making the second bracelet did give me the opportunity to work out how to finish the end, which I think I have worked out now.

A closer look at the second bracelet I made.

A look at the second bracelet I made, part finished, but I’m not happy with this one!

I was pleased with how the first bracelet turned out, so I decided to finish it off with a clasp etc, but as one of the ends wasn’t brilliant I decided the best thing to do would be to cover the ends up and luckily for me I had some bead end caps which fitted perfectly.  The clasp I attached is a really nice one, the only issue is getting it open and closed yourself when you are trying to put it on, I had to get a little help!  So although the photo above shows the bracelet with this clasp it has now been changed to a toggle clasp which is far easier to put on and take off.

I will certainly make this bracelet again and I could also see it making a nice necklace too!

Linda x


2 thoughts on “Chenille Stitch Beaded Bracelet

  1. Jill Wiseman has an excellent YouTube tutorial on this, in which she shows you how to end the rope. Loved the first one you did and really liked the effect with the end cap.

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