Beaded Ring

White & Lilac Beaded Ring by Georgia P Designs

I thought I would try learning something different the end of last week, seeing as I have spent more than 3 weeks just making beaded bracelets!  So I thought I would show you a beaded ring I’ve managed to make.

For something so small I can’t believe how long the first one took me to make, over 3 hours and would you believe after all that time, I made it too big even for me!  I was so annoyed.

Yet again I followed a tutorial on Youtube by beadifulnights, she has a few ring tutorials, but I chose this one to start with, not because it looked easy, but because it was the first one I came to.  Here is the LINK to the tutorial if you fancy having a go yourself.

I think the reason it took so long is that I had to watch a bit of the video, stop it, rewind a bit, watch again etc, especially when I got a bit confused, which was often!  It’s not always a good idea to try to make something at the same time as watching, but it is the way I like to do it.  I also like to take a few notes and of course pictures!

About half way through the main part of the ring

About half way through the main part of the ring

I thought I was following the tutorial quite well until I reached the end of the main part of the ring and I wasn’t in the same position as the tutorial was showing.  It did look exactly the same but one of my threads was coming out of a different bead.  So a bit of improvisation (ie threading through some beads) I found myself in the correct postion.  I have since found out how I made that mistake and it would have been so easy rectify, duh!

The rest was really easy, although I did make the mistake of making the band too big.  I measured it, it fit, but then she said add more beads to connect the band up which then made it too big (I’m so stupid and I won’t make that mistake again!).

Finishing off the band

Finishing off the band

I think it came out at about a size 11, so if you have a big fingers??

I think it came out at about a size 11, so if you have big fingers??

I decided to go with the flatter version of the ring as that is what I preferred, although I am going to make another ring using the other method as well, just so I can see the difference (see photo below).

Later the same day, not to be beaten, I decided to have another go at the same ring but in a different colour, this time without watching the tutorial.  Apart from a little bit of confusion, ie it didn’t look quite right so I had to undo it a few times, I thought I had managed it quite well.  But when I had nearly finished it, I realised I’d forgotten to do one small bit and I had done far too much to undo it again, so I had to try and cover my mistake up.  Only I will know where the mistake is and I did make it for myself!

Turquoise & White cocktail ring (2)

So here is my third attempt (doing it with the chunkier finish), I am definitely getting better and quicker, no mistakes and this one only took me about 75 minutes. I do love the look of these rings, but I much prefer the flatter finish, what do you think?

More 'chunkier' version

More ‘chunkier’ version

And this was my fourth attempt, it’s surprising how different this ring looks using totally different beads.

Black Crystal Beaded Ring

Black Crystal Beaded Ring

Thanks for reading & take care.

Linda x


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