Melted Bead Bowl

Melted Bead Bowl

As part of my challenge this year to learn more, I have promised myself that I will start working my way through some of the ‘Make it Yourself’ items I have pinned on one of my Pinterest Boards.

This is the first!  I would normally put the link here for the original source, but it no longer works and I haven’t been able to find it elsewhere.

Since I first saw the melted bead bowl I have wanted to have a go at making it.  It looked so easy and I also knew my son had loads of those plastic beads in a tub somewhere in his room.   Do you remember that they were all the rage a few years back?  I think you can still buy them.  I had bought my kids the kit which included some hard plastic boards and various coloured plastic beads.  You put the beads on a board either following a design or making your own up and then when finished you ironed them to melt them together.  My kids made a few items but what I remember most about them is having to keep picking them up off the floor!

So I thought what better way to use them beads up!

This is what I did.

1.  First find a suitable oven-proof bowl that you would like to use.  I used a glass pyrex bowl.  Use some oil to grease the inside of the bowl so when the beads have melted they won’t stick to the bowl.  I used olive oil, this also helped the beads stay in place.


2.  Now you can either spread the beads into the bowl, forming a single layer around the bowl.  You don’t need to worry that the beads are not facing all the same way up, this will take no more than 5-10 mins.  Or like me you can spend 2 hours putting each bead in the bowl individually, all because I wanted them all facing up the same way!!!  This is as far as I got, I was losing the will to live and when they started to fall off from the top, I decided that was enough!


3.  Now heat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade  (Sorry I don’t know the equivalent gas temp).

4.  I placed the bowl onto a baking tray and placed it into the centre of the oven.  Within a couple of minutes I could see the beads were beginning to melt.  After 5 minutes they were all melted together.  So my advice is if you try this, when you place them in the oven, keep watching and take the bowl out when you are happy with how it looks.  I quite like how the top of mine start to twist and form a rim the more it melted.


5.  Leave until fully cooled, then remove from bowl and here is the final result and filled below with leftover chocolates.



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