Flat Spiral Stitch Bracelet


Continuing my challenge to learn as many beading techniques as possible this month, I found the tutorial to make this lovely Flat spiral stitch bracelet on You tube by Offthebeadedpath. If you want to have a go yourself the Link to the Tutorial can be found HERE I think there are a few similar designs/techniques on Youtube but I do like Offthebeadedpaths videos as they are so easy to follow and she is very friendly.

A slightly different way of making it is shown by Beading4perfectionists, it really depends on which way you prefer. The link to the shorter slideshow tutorial is HERE.

I suppose if I’d had a choice I would not have chosen intentionally to make this bracelet with these beads or in this colour, but as I am limited to what I have got in my current stash, the only suitable beads I had were these.  I am looking forward though to making this again when I’ve re-stocked on bicones and in better colours.

In the video Kelly works with just bicone beads and seed beads, but as I had a limited amount of bicones,  I used 29 x 6mm copper bicone crystals and instead of a different colour of bicones I chose to use 52 x round 4mm Mother of Pearl beads, some size 11 brown seed beads, as well as Wildfire beading thread and a needle.

I found when working with the mother of pearl beads instead of the second set of bicones I had less room for the number of seed beads she suggested in the video ie. 4 seed beads, then the bicone bead then 4 more seed beads.  I had to use 2 seed beads, the mother of pearl bead then 2 seed beads, so it ended up a bit more chunky and cramped.

The pattern for the bracelet is very easy to follow and just keeps repeating itself, the only thing you have to remember is to move forward one bicone, but loop back and through 2 bicones each time, so there is an overlap.  In Kellys video you attach a full line of one set of bicones to the size of bracelet you require first then do the spiral effect.  But in the other video I mention above they work the whole pattern step by step.


As I said I can’t wait to have another go, but it will have to be when I can spend some money again on beads!

Take care.

Linda x


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