Winter drawing in

I really do hate these cold dark and dismal days once the clocks go back. The reduction in daylight hours can really affect how much time I have to make jewellery, as I much prefer making it in daylight than artificial light, for some reason I always seem to make mistakes when the lights have to go on!  The other problem is whenever I take photos of my jewellery in winter light they always seem to come out a bit grey!  I need to make myself a light box.

It’s not been the best of weeks for me, although maybe I had the odd little highlight, like I actually knitted a scarf!  I think the last time I attempted to knit must have been about 30 years ago, but to be honest it is a bit like riding a bike, once you learn the basics you don’t tend to forget.  However,  I did have to get a little re-fresh by watching a Youtube tutorial!  Now I must own up the scarf was pretty easy to make, it’s the wool that makes it look so effective.  You only need to thread your needle through 8 of the large holes to cast on, then keep knitting using the holes until you use up all the wool, it grows very fast and I managed to complete it in 3 hours, although someone on my other Facebook page said it takes her mother 45 minutes!!

From this

To this

I haven’t been able to make as much jewellery as I would have liked this week. For one my husband decided to take this week off, say no more!!  Secondly I’m still waiting for some jewellery supplies, although on the plus side I did get to go to a local bead fair on Saturday, but I had a very small list of items I needed to buy and a small budget which I managed to keep to. Yes honestly!

I did manage to make some picture rings though and a little bit of experimenting with some new designs.

Chain Maille captured pearl bracelet

The only necklace I’ve made this week was inspired by some thick chain I have, it got me thinking I could make something similar but with beads. I’m really pleased how it turned out. I might make another but in a different colour?

I don’t know if any of you who read this are on Pinterest. I have quite a few boards now and I do find it very addictive looking through other peoples pin boards and re-pinning things (I have Pinterest Link on the right of this page, if you are interested).  One of my favourite boards is my ‘Make it Yourself/Learn how to’ board, when I see a tutorial I like the look of or a great crafty idea I tend to pin them to this board with the intention of one day maybe giving them all a try.  But the hardest thing is finding the time.  As January/February is usually a quiet time I’ve decided I am going to set myself a challenge to do at least one different tutorial or idea a week.  I think we all should learn and try new things from time to time and my goal for next year will be to do just that.

Have a great week and enjoy the fireworks but please stay safe.

Linda x

PS.  Since my last post, I have lost another 3lbs (total of 17 lbs to date)


2 thoughts on “Winter drawing in

    • Thanks Jen, I was quite pleased with how the necklace turned out too, sometimes my ideas are a disaster, but this one I like, took a while to make though. I got to the bead fair early and was in and out in less than 1 hour, luckily for me 2 out of 3 of the beads shops I wanted to be there were, so it at least saved me postage if I’d had to order online. I see you said ‘almost’ empty handed, I would have been shocked if you had bought nothing! lol. Lx

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