Making Jewellery is bad for your health!

I do like Blogging, but I always seem to struggle to find something to write about, should I just be talking about Jewellery all the time or is OK to vary my posts and talk about others things too?

This time last year I had started my Mixed Media 3D Design Course so it was relatively easy to talk about that.  This year my focus is on trying to lose weight and get fit again, but for some reason I can’t quite see that being as interesting or as relevant in a Crafty Blog!  I suppose the odd update won’t do any harm to let you know how I’m getting on (please tell me if I get boring with it?).

You see I confess, my problem is that over the last couple of years, I have become totally addicted and obsessed with makng jewellery.  From 8.30am to falling into bed gone midnight I was either making jewellery, searching for new beads and findings or writing about it on the computer, I forgot to eat properly, the house and garden got neglected and I almost literally became glued to my desk and chair with the obvious consequences, I gained weight!

So now I am going through the process of trying to wean myself away from my obsessive nature of it, bit by bit.  I am also trying to put some perspective on it.  I can only wear so much jewellery!

I have also got far too many beads and findings, more than I could possibly ever use, but I am still always looking to buy more, especially when I get a design idea in my head or a new technique I want to try, usually the design idea or technique does not match the beads or tools I currently have!!!

So you see, instead of sitting at my desk from first thing in the morning, I am now spending time exercising, going for walks and making sure I eat proper meals, oh and doing the dreaded housework more often!  I’m actually enjoying it.  I think I have mentioned previously that I have been to a couple of Boot Camp sessions on a Saturday morning, for anyone who does not know what this involves, in brief; logs, tyres and lot’s of running (and I don’t do running).  I’m really not sure it’s for me, due to the amount of running as I have an old knee injury and bad hips from playing too much squash in my younger days.  My first failure I think, but I’m thinking I will park it for a while and may return to it when I’m feeling fitter and more able to run.  I do have other classes that I attend, Aqua Fit and Zumba, I love both of those, so I will definitely be keeping those up.

I saw this the other day on Pinterest and it made me laugh…

So to update you, I have lost 12 lbs so far, (3lbs this week, yeh!).  Also that’s 39 days without Chocolate!


I think I may have repeated myself a bit this week about the dieting and exercise, but next week I promise will be more about jewellery, I have a few design ideas formulating in my head, so hopefully next week I will have something to show you.

Take care and have a good week.

Linda x


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