Take a Make Break Courtesy of Beads Direct

My surprise parcel!

I love surprises, not that I get many of them, but this morning I received a lovely surprise in the post, of a rather large box containing not one but two ‘Take a Make Break’ projects, courtesy of one of my favourite Bead Suppliers, Beads Direct.  Not only that, I also received a beautifully packaged ‘Take a Make Break’ mug containing tea bags, sachets of coffee and hot chocolate and 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolates (also as a crafter and hoarder I am sure I will find use for the ribbons, tissue (that came in the box) and cellophane too!).

My Make A break Mug and goodies

Let me back track a little bit to explain, a couple of weeks ago I saw a post on the Beads Direct Facebook page asking for people who had a Blog and would be willing to write about their Take a Make Break Projects.  Well I am always up for a challenge so I contacted Claire as requested and this is what I found in my parcel this morning.

Box Contents

The Beads Direct staff are trying to encourage and inspire people to take 10 minutes from their day to ‘Take a Make Break’.  Put the kettle on, grab a biscuit and make something that’s simple but beautiful.  They send out a weekly email on a Sunday to their email subscribers (I am one of them) with some jewellery making ideas for your 10 minute break, all the materials to make each of the projects can be purchased along with the instructions from their website, take a look at their gallery of current projects Take a Make Break Projects .  You also don’t have to be a jewellery maker to be able to enjoy making them as no tools are involved.

I have already been tempted by one of their projects, the Regaliz bracelet, There are a number of designs available you can buy the kits for on the Beads Direct Web site, but I picked my own items out and bought enough to make 2 bracelets!

My Regaliz Leather Bracelets

For your information Regaliz leather (From Spain), meaning liquorice due to its resemblance to the old liquorice stick sweets (Do you remember them, I used to love them!) It’s shaped like them too, flat on one side and curved on the other.  There are many different charms and beads you can buy to decorate them and they make ideal gifts for men too, due to them being quite chunky!

Old fashioned liquorice sticks, yum!

Now back to my 2 ‘Take a Make Break’ projects included in my parcel.  Sorry I can’t resist but make them both NOW!

Step 1 ~ OK first put the kettle on (tick)

Step 2 ~ Grab a biscuit –  no sorry can’t do that due to the diet, but I will imagine it! (tick) And no I am not going to eat the chocolates!

Time for that cup of tea!

Project 1 ~ Swarovski Stack Rings  (Total cost £3.08)


Materials required:

Ring Base and Tubing (available in various colours) –  £2.29

Swarovski Rivoli 12mm crystal (available in various colours)  – 0.79p

Glue (to stick the crystal in place)


This is so simple and quick to make but very effective, the Swarovski Rivoli crystal really sets the ring off and catches the light beautifully.  The ring can be made to fit any size finger, even my fat fingers!  No glue is required for the tubing as it is a snug fit, but with a big tug can be removed if you need to make the ring smaller.  It’s also very comfy to wear due to the flexibility of the rubber tubing

Project 2 ~ Purple Heart Bracelet  (Total cost excluding the glue £8.44)


Materials Required:

2.5mm suede cord (£1.99 for a 10m pack)

Fevi kwik glue (£4.75 for 3g)

10mm Silver plated crystal charm (£2.48)

60 x 30mm Silver plated crystal bracelet bar (£3.97)


Be warned the Fevi Kwik glue does stick immediately so watch those fingers and don’t make a mistake!  According to the instructions you only need approx 42cm of the suede cord, so you have plenty left over to make other things with it.   Rather stupidly of me, I really should have measured the cord around my wrist first before cutting and sticking, as the 21cm length recommended in the instructions was a bit too small for me (my wrist is approx 7”) and this came out to about 6” although difficult to measure because of the curve of the bracelet bar.  It is a lovely bracelet perfect for the evening, I think I’m going to have to order the bracelet bar and charm so I can make another that will fit me!

Completed Purple Heart Bracelet

Both projects were certainly worth taking that 10 minute break for, especially if you are not already a jewellery maker and really want to have a go at making something for yourself that you can show off to all your friends.  They would also make lovely handmade gifts too, especially with Christmas coming soon.

Thank you Beads Direct for sending me these projects and giving me the opportunity to Blog about them.  I would love to do more, hint, hint, lol!

Take care everyone.

Linda x

PS.  For those interested in how my diet and fitness regime is going, I was extreemly dissapointed last week that I lost no weight and stayed the same, it’s not like I cheated or anything!  So far this week I missed Boot Camp on Saturday, due to an electrician that was supposed to be coming round in the morning,  but then texted me to say it would be the afternoon and then didn’t show up, we also had visitors coming just after lunch so I was cleaning like a mad woman for most of the morning!  Monday I attempted Zumba for the first time which I actually really enjoyed, must practice waggling those hips a bit more though.   I also did my weekly Aquafit class on Tuesday and I do my daily 15-20 mins on my exercise bike, a 30-40 minute walk and I’m now back on Wii fit.  If I don’t lose weight this week I might be eating a bar of chocolate to calm me down!!!

PPS.  I apologise now if you also follow my other Blog, The Crafty Network as I will also be posting this same post on there.


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