A longer break than first anticipated…

Sorry!  I really did mean to start blogging again at the start of September, but finding the time and inclination after a long rest has proved very difficult and the need to get back into my stride of making jewellery again and keeping on top of my social media commitments has been hard.

But please, let’s not dwell on what cannot be changed, I would like to say welcome back to what is hopefully a regular blog post again!  I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer, although the weather here in the UK did let us down a bit I had a lovely rest, spending some undivided time and attention with my family, ie. no sneaky peaks on Facebook or playing with my beads.  I think I had serious withdrawel symptoms for the first couple of weeks, but then I started to improve, although it was very difficult as a self proclaimed Bead and Facebook addict, lol!

But seriously, now, the one thing that really shocked me over the summer was how unfit I had become and the fact that I was having trouble fitting into some of my summer clothes, which was due to putting on quite a bit (well, quite a lot actually!!!) of weight over the last few months, arghh!

Sitting down day after day playing on the computer and making jewellery has taken its toll I’m afraid. So I am going to do something about it and re-prioritise a bit.  I have decided the £280 I was going to spend on a 12 week Web Design course would be better spent on improving my health.  No I have not joined a gym, I’ve been there got the T shirt and I know after a few weeks of visiting the gym regularly, I would start finding excuses not to go, especially if I have to go alone and keep myself motivated.  This time I am relying on some good friends to keep me motivated, starting with going with them to a weekly Aquafit session and a rather brave attempt of going to a weekly Boot Camp session.  I’m also going on regular walks during the day and utilising a rather dusty and neglected exercise bike in my spare room.  I have also downloaded an app onto my phone, called ‘myfitnesspal‘ (its also online http://www.myfitnesspal.com/) it helps monitor what you eat and keep within an allowed calorie limit, just what I need.  I began on the 1st September and my first target is to lose 2 stone 7lbs.  So far its going well and I have lost 9lbs, that’s nearly 5 bags of sugar!  I will keep you posted on my progress, the more people I tell, the less likely I will fail.

But please don’t worry I am still continuing with making jewellery and will regularly post about my new makes and finds etc.  I have just decided there are plenty of hours in the day and spending at least 1 hour a day doing some exercise is not too much to ask.

So, to finish this post, I thought I would share with you some of my recent makes.  I bought quite a few of these ceramic beads in the below necklace at the bead fair I went to at the end of July. I love the rustic autumn colours and I made myself a double stranded necklace with some of them, which I have been wearing quite a lot recently.

Autumn Ceramic Bead Necklace

I have also been having a go at making some beaded hair clips.  I think the pearl ones look very vintage.

Various Beaded Hairclips (Bobby Pins)

Lastly I thought I would share my handmade felt and beaded poppy which I have made this year for myself.  I made some last year for friends and family and this is now version 2, which has more beads added into the centre.

Handmade Felt & Bead Poppy

Bye for now and take care.

Linda x


4 thoughts on “A longer break than first anticipated…

  1. Good for you Linda, much better to spend the money on your health, if you don’t have good health what’s the point of knowing how to design a web page?! Stay motivated.

    Love the ceramic beads, do you know where I can buy online? Sometimes you can pick things up at fairs excitedly then realise when you get home you should have got the company name (like moi). Oh, like the pins too, shame I’ve got really short hair! The packaging looks great. I’m moving to a white card again! Can’t make up my mind!

    Good weekend! Cath

    • Thanks Cath. I know I realised over the holidays that I’ve really neglected myself due to my obsession with beads etc, hence my change in attitude. The only problem is all my old aches, pains and tweaks are coming to the fore again, I feel like a walking cripple most of the time when I’ve exercised, lol!

      I bought a couple of strings of the ceramic beads at a Spring Bead Fair and wished I’d bought more, so when I saw them again at Summer Bead fair I bought loads, I also kept their business card just in case. Here is a link to their website: http://www.totallybeads.co.uk/category/103/Ceramic_Beads.

      I’m same re the packaging, I keep swapping and changing, although I do think the antique bronze looks better on the buff card than the white.

      Enjoy your weekend too. Linda x

  2. Linda,

    So good to have you back and blogging! Good luck with your fitness goals, keep us posted as we all need some inspiration on that front. Love the jewelry, especially the poppy, is that a pin?


    • Thanks Carson, it has taken me a while but hopefully I will be able to keep up the momentum again, I should take some motivation from you.

      The poppy has a brooch pin stitched to the back. I made loads last year, but as I have no craft fairs booked in October or the beginning of November I’m keeping them limited this year, I keep trying to make them all a little bit different which is taking more time. Linda x

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