Time to relax for 5 minutes!!

Yes, I am now having a short break from making jewellery and blogging etc for the Summer holidays, I have promised my son he can have my undivided attention, although I don’t think I will be relaxing too much!

I attended a very enjoyable private Garden Party yesterday, which was a great success.  A lovely friend for the past 5 years has been holding a garden party in aid of charity, this year it was to raise money for  ‘Lucy Winskill House’ and a local family coping with Cancer.  She works so hard organising everything and collects an enormous amount of things which herself and numerous volunteers help to sell and at very cheap prices, you can certainly get some bargains.  I dropped on extreemly lucky and bought this small display cabinet for, wait for it, 50p, yes only 50p amazing!  I’m not sure what I will use it for, but I couldn’t resist.


Although I am having a break from making jewellery last week for a friends birthday, I decided to give her something I had already made and took the opportunity to have a play at making my own wrapping paper and playing about with packaging etc.  I also designed the little thank you card (obviously not for my friend) but I thought it was something I could potentially use if I decided to package my items like this when I sell them.




Going back to talking about the garden party, I thought I would give a mention for three lovely ladies I met who were selling their crafts there.  The first was Zoe of Thaxted Crafts who makes such lovely cards, cushion covers, limited edition artworks from lithographs (which her husband designs) and jewellery, click on her link to visit her Etsy Shop.  Next was Gemma of G Jones Photography, who takes amazing photos for Weddings, Portraits and Event photography, click on her link to visit her Facebook page, whilst her website is still in construction.  Lastly I didn’t catch this ladies name and she dosen’t yet sell at craft fairs or anything, but she is considering it!  So at the moment just as a hobby she makes quilts, knitted quilts, toys etc and they are fabulous, I bought one of these lovely little knitted cactus plants last year and it’s still very much alive and sitting in my kitchen!!!

Well the sun beckons, because today is a glorious hot sunny day, I don’t get to say that very often, so after taking a short break to cool down and write this post, my sun lounger and book awaits!

Take care everyone and enjoy your week.

Linda x


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