Time Flies when you are crafting

Sorry, this post is a little bit later than usual, time just flies by, days, weeks and months never went this quick when I worked for someone else?  I remember the days and hours would drag by as I sat at my desk, doing all manner of mundane office tasks, typing emails and reports, dealing with customers, organising meetings etc. I used to measure the hours in coffee and lunch breaks, not that I ever got chance to have those, but you know what I mean!

Things certainly change when you stay at home all day and try to keep yourself busy, especially when you have an addictive hobby!  You find there just isn’t enough hours in the day and weekends just come round too fast, especially if you enjoy what you do, which I really, really do.  I love learning new things and the challenges you have to face on a daily basis as you get to grips with social networking as well as all the different jewellery and crafting techniques you can do. The only down side is the lack of money, but at this moment I really don’t care, I am lucky that I can take things slowly and do things for pleasure, I feel no pressure to make things and sell them I look at what I do at the moment as one big learning experience.  I also enjoy helping and encouraging other people through The Crafty Network as well as using it to inspire myself, especially with the rainbow theme Challenge this week.  I obviously can’t enter myself but it inspired me to make this rainbow memory wire bracelet.


Rainbow Memory Wire Bracelet

The second item I made this week was a mixed media photo frame which was inspired by some Docrafts Portobello Road scrapbooking paper which I picked up a few weeks ago. I bought it not really knowing what I was going to do with it, apart from I liked it.  I’m quite pleased with the end result and it is now sitting proudly on the shelf in my craft/study room. Although I did make one big glaring mistake, I put one part of the union jack paper the wrong way!

God Save the Queen Union Jack Photoframe

I also made a couple of flower bracelets again this week out of polymer clay, I tried making the daisies quite small, but I had loads of trouble because even though it was raining it was very warm and the clay just kept sticking and stretching too much.  Normally I will make a few all in one go, but these were all I could manage and I’m not entirely happy with them, but they still look OK on a charm bracelet.  The Blue Flowers I had made a while ago and I just needed to make them into a bracelet.

Polymer Clay Daisy Flower Charm Bracelet

Blue Polymer Clay Flower Bracelet

I have a very quiet week ahead of me as my youngest son went off to Germany with the School in the early hours of Saturday/Sunday morning and he is not back until late on Friday evening.  I’m going to really miss him.

Enjoy your week.

Linda x


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