Food temptations and Fifty Shades of ????

Craft Fairs must be really hard work for the sellers.  This week I visited the Made In WA Event at the Lymm Food Festival,  it was a great evening, with a good atmosphere and lots of visitors.  I had a great time, especially as there was lots of different FOOD!

There was a lovely lady called Jo (Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen) who was selling Sticky Treacle Toffee Pudding and she was offering everyone little taste samples which were to die for, I was very tempted to buy some but decided if I was ever going to start a diet this would not be a good idea.  Ruth Jones (S & R Jones Preserves) who makes fantastic chutneys and jams was also there, I particularly liked her chilli tickle and the Indian relish.  I think both Jo and Ruth sell their products every month at the Farmers Market which is in Lymm Youth & Community Centre in the centre of the village.

Jo’s Cheshire Kitchen & S&R Jones Preserves (hiding)

Also my favourite cupcake company, (The Custom Cupcake Company) were there, they make 32 varieties of cupcakes, most with centre fillings.  Can you imagine the temptation of seeing all those yummy cakes, how could I resist!  Well I didn’t and I decided on a really tasty carrot cake cupcake (my favourite kind of cake).  I cannot recommend them enough, their cakes are so delicious (and they live far too close to me, especially with my poor willpower!).  Check out their website:

The Custom Cupcake Company

Lastly there was a lady (The Thai Sisters) who deserved a gold medal as she was freshly cooking and selling Thai Food and it was a particularly warm and muggy evening, so you can imagine how hot she was.  It smelt absolutely delicious, I bought some spring rolls and ate them but I decided to buy some noodles with Chicken Thai Green curry to take home with me.  She gave me so much I had it for tea on Friday and lunch on Saturday, it was the best tasting food I have had in ages, my mouth is watering now as I think about it.

The other thing I’ve been doing this past week is reading the Fifty Shades (mummy porn) Trilogy.  I was seeing so many comments about the books I just had to see what I was missing!   I’m really not sure if I actually liked them, I found them far too repetitive with the sex bits, the arguments were getting annoying and all the glaring eyes, biting lip, tucking hair behind the ear etc etc was just getting boring and how can any man be that attractive to all women as Mr Grey was?  I think the most disturbing thing though was I couldn’t put them down, I’m not sure if this was because I wanted to see how the story panned out or if they actually got better or if I just wanted to finish them so I could get on with my life again, lol!  When I finished the last book I actually felt quite relieved!A friend who is also reading the books told me to look on ebay for Fifty Shades bracelets.  Have you seen them?  They are being sold for around £30 and they are only silver plated, people must be mad!  I really don’t want to jump on this kind of bandwagon and start making jewellery that is inspired by a book/pop group etc, I’ve never been one to follow the trend, what do you think?  Also I have a question, what do young girls want in jewellery, what style or price range are they looking for?  I only have boys, so this puzzles me?

I’ve spent a lot of time today on Pinterest, I actually find it quite addictive once you get started, I love looking at all the pictures and you can find some great ideas and inspiration for making things on there.  If you are not sure what Pinterest is, it’s like having a notice board at home which you pin pictures and notes to.  You can have as many boards as you like and when you see something on the internet you like you can electronically pin it to one of your boards, so if for instance you wanted to decorate a room, you could look for inspiration on the net and when you see things you like you can collate them on a board.

If you are on Pinterest and are interested in following me, please click the link on the Blog side bar.  I will return the follow.

I also must mention this week about the recent Craft Challenge on my other Blog ‘The Crafty Network’.  If you love colourful items then pop over and take a look at all the entries.  There is a fabulous selection of crafty items and all based on the theme ‘A Rainbow of Crafts’.  The winner and runners up was declared on Friday (29th June) but they are all worth a look.  Follow this link: “A Rainbow of Crafts“.

Have a good week everyone, happy crafting.

Linda x


3 thoughts on “Food temptations and Fifty Shades of ????

  1. Yum, sounds a delicious event, lucky you! It’s hard knowing what young girl’s wear, even though I’ve got one! If I say something’s nice, she’ll say ‘ugh!’ which doesn’t help. I recently bought two teenage magazines and had a look through them, there was a lot of accessories in them so that’s something you could try. Can’t comment on the Fifty Shades Books as I’ve never heard of them! Doesn’t sound like my kind of book though. Have a good week, Cath.

    • Thanks Cath, I might do that and buy a couple of teenage mags, it is very hard to know what kids want these days! Lucky you not hearing about the 50 shades books, here in the UK nearly everyones reading them, they have even sold quicker than the Harry Potter books and it’s all by word of mouth!! Not my sort of books either, but I just had to see what everyone was talking about and then when you start reading them, you can’t stop as the story behind it is quite good and you want to see how it works out. It’s a cross between Twilight and Pretty Woman in my view, but with the unnecessary and over the top explicit sex! You have a good week too. Linda x

      • Can’t believe I’ve not heard of them if they are that popular, just shows how I’ve not been browsing the web recently and it’s probably not the kind of thing my mum would read either! (we share books long distance). They’ll probably hit Singapore soon and I’ll know what everyone’s talking about! Cath

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