Jubilee Weekend

Union Jack draped over Dakota Parks statue of a propellor

What a fantastic Jubilee weekend!  The Thames Pageant was a wonderful spectacle, the Concert was brilliant, even the Ceremonial day was good to watch on TV,  it makes you so proud to be British.

I’ve also had a wonderful weekend too.  I wish every weekend was like that and the sun shone on Monday at the Dakota park opening and Jubilee event!

If you are wondering about the significance of the photo above of a Spitfire propeller?  Where I live was a former airbase known as RAF Burtonwood and was used by the United States Airforce (also known as USAAF station 590) from 1942, during the Second World War as a servicing and storage facility for aircraft.  It was the largest airfield in Europe during the war with over 18,000 servicemen stationed at Burtonwood and it had a few famous visitors too, Film Actor James Cagney, Singers Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.  In 1946 it was handed back to the RAF but it was passed back to the Americans again in 1948, it passed back and forth quite a few times but in 1967 the Americans took charge of the airbase until 1993 when it was closed down for good.

The whole site has since been demolished, the land sold off to a developer and is now being turned into a new village community called Chapelford.  To keep the memory alive, there is a Burtonwood Airbase Heritage Centre and all the road names in the village are named after American places in remembrance, if you ever wondered where the name Georgia P came from, it’s the name of my road, Georgia Place and named after the US state of Georgia.

My social media experiment is going well, I don’t know quite how I’ve managed it, but I’ve acquired quite a few new likes this week and my first order in quite a while.  I am still maintaining at least one post a day and none of the posts have been directly about my jewellery or to encourage sales.  Some posts get a better reaction than others, although it still tends to be the same people who respond.  I think many of the fans I’ve acquired no longer see my posts but hopefully any new people who like my page will join in and I keep them interested. Fingers crossed.  I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly, I follow quite a few blogs now and I find many of them very interesting, one Blog I follow which I’ve mentioned before is Lizzie Rose Jewelllery, she recently posted some photos of her view from her ‘craft room’ and asked others to do the same, not as spectaclar as Lizzie Rose’s view of Singapore but here is my view.  When you next Blog why don’t you post your view too, linking back to the previous posters blog, let’s see if we can keep passing it on?

The View from my Study/Craft Room

Take care and have a good week.

Linda x



5 thoughts on “Jubilee Weekend

  1. Linda! What a busy weekend you’ve had. I watched the Jubilee celebrations from here in Singapore (all in the evening due to the time difference and we missed the concert because it was the middle of the night for us) and it did make you feel proud to be British!

    Thanks for posting your crafting view (the only person so far) it looks wonderfully calming and tranquil. And thank you for clarifying where Georgia P came from! Cath.

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