Jubilee Fever!

Well that’s it, I’m sad to say I had my last BTEC mixed media lesson this week, all my work has been handed in and I will no longer know what to do with myself on a Wednesday evening!  It was actually a very interesting last lesson (meet up) as we all passed our assessment books around after our tutor had looked through them, so we could all have a look at what each of us had done.  It was amazing how we have all developed over the period of the course and have our own individual design styles and how different we had all presented the work as well, it’s surprising what you can still learn from looking at other peoples work.

The good news is we all passed and we have each been awarded a Distinction. Yeh!  🙂

So here it is the Diamond Jubilee weekend, I hope you have all got great plans for this weekend and the weather does not spoil it too much for everyone.  I went to my first Jubilee party yesterday at the Warrington Carers Centre, it was a lovely day.  I even won first prize in the raffle, I very rarely win anything in raffles!

The next Jubilee event I am going to is on Monday for the Grand opening of Dakota Park with a Jubilee celebration and picnic in the park.  Dakota Park is a new park in the middle of a new housing development/village called Chapelford in Warrington.

Also, still on the Jubilee theme, my other Blog, The Crafty Network did a mini challenge this week, with the theme ‘A touch of Royalty’.  It received an amazing response, with some exceptional patriotic entries, if your interested please pop over and see the entries and the next post along you will see the winner and runners up: A Touch of Royalty Mini Challenge Entries

Warrington is also very much in the Olympic spirit this week has the Olympic Flame passed through Warrington on Thursday 31st May.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get to see it, but a few friends have kindly posted some photos, here is just one.

Have a great Jubilee weekend and I hope enjoy the celebrations.

Linda x


2 thoughts on “Jubilee Fever!

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Linda, lovely to hear from you 🙂 Love your jewellery – especially the aqua and copper flowers bracelet. I just joined your Facebook page 🙂 I’m a very late adopter to Facebook, only joined in April, and am still trying to find my way with my own page – all a learning curve – so I look forward to reading about your experiments 🙂 Carrie.

    • Hi, Many thanks for following, I’ve liked your Facebook Page too and started following you on Pinterest as I promised. You should pop over to my other Blog The Crafty Network and say hi on the FB page too, introduce yourself. Good luck with your 30 days of creativity. Linda x

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