Making the most of the Sun!

For the last few weeks I have been worrying about the weather as I had agreed to have a go at selling some of my jewellery at my sons scout spring fair.  My problem is if it was going to rain then I would have a big problem, trying to keep things dry.  But my husband, bless him, decided to come to my rescue and offered to buy me a gazebo with sides for my birthday.  Not to be told twice, on Thursday morning I ordered and paid for the gazebo and crossed my fingers that it would arrive before Saturday.  Luckily for me it arrived Friday lunch time, I was so relieved!

Well to cut a long story short, the weather stayed fine all day, even the sun appeared for a short while, although I didn’t really need my gazebo after all, I still put it up, which took about 10 minutes, although it did say you could do it in about a minute, I think we just need more practice.  The Spring Fair had a very good turnout, the feedback on my jewellery was very good, which I was pleased about and everyone admired my gazebo and I couldn’t stop myself telling everyone it was my birthday present, it is the best present I’ve had in ages.

My New Gazebo

Thank you hubby. x

Sunday was my birthday and I had a lovely relaxing day.  I received some lovely presents and I will never moan again about not receiving chocolates from my family, as my husband bought me 2 boxes of Thorntons chocolates, my eldest son bought me 2 boxes of maltesers and a dvd and my youngest bought me a gigantic tolberone!  So much for the diet ever starting tomorrow!

I can now show you my final mixed media assignment, this had to be based on one of the textile techniques we have learnt over the latter part of the course. I came across a plain A4 hard cover book in the local supermarket which was made out of recyled materials and I thought this would be perfect to cover.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Decorated Journal with Dyed Fabric Flowers & Embroidered Cover

I’m currently working on the back and I’m hoping to get it finished by Wednesday.  I want to introduce some applique as well as embroidery, but time may be running out.  I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with myself when my course ends this week. 😦

Well I’ve nothing more to update you with this time, as I have been making the most of the lovely, warm, sunny weather we have been experiencing, as you never know in the UK how long it will last! So I think that’s all for now, a glass of sangria and the garden beckons.

Have fun in the sun.

Take care.

Linda x


One thought on “Making the most of the Sun!

  1. It looks great, like how you’ve got the lilac theme throughout to match your logo, I will try and source some colours similar to my logo although red and green don’t really display jewellery well (good for Christmas though!). Cath

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