Inky Fingers, Tatty Flowers & Cupcakes

If there is one thing I struggle with when writing these posts its deciding on a title, but I have realised getting it right is actually quite important.  When you see an interesting title it encourages you to click the button and read it, even if it’s not the sort of thing you normally look at or read.  I clicked on a blog post the other day which sounded interesting and it was just one photograph, no words and to be honest not a particularly good photo, they just grabbed me with the title, I can’t find it now to show you what I mean!

So at this point my post still has no title?

I’ve  been busy this past week with The Crafty Network, as I had quite a few Blog posts to publish, I started a Celebrations Showcase Album on the TCN Facebook page and it is the Blog Mini Challenge, this week, with the theme “Days of Mai” which took quite a bit of time up researching lots of facts about the month of May.  I also succeeded in publishing the Tutorial I was trying to do last week onto Youtube, with music and without the help of my kids, Ah!  Here’s the link if you are interested:  I’m quite pleased with myself.

Some of you may have guessed that I have a bit of an obsession with flowers, I love adding them to my jewellery designs, I can’t resist a bead if it has a flower on it, I take photos of flowers and now I am totally in love with a Tim Holtz big die called Tattered Flowers.  This ticks all my boxes, I can cut these flowers out in card, felt and fabric etc.  I blame my Tutor, Esther, she introduced us to this Die a couple of weeks ago and I just had to buy it.  I’ve been cutting and dyeing flowers all week with Tim Holtz distress ink (I have permanently dyed fingers), then I have been using them to decorate my boxes, brooches, attaching them to bags, oooh, there is soooo much I can do!   I’ve even, now don’t tell my tutor, used them on my third assessment piece for my course, which I shouldn’t have started yet, but once I have an idea I just have to do it, I think I take after my dad for that!  I’m not going to say what it is (my tutor sometimes reads my blog), but I’m half way to finishing it, pictures in a later post.

Totally off topic, but my hairdryer broke this week right in the middle of drying my hair, so I decided to nip down to my local large electrical store to buy a new one (I won’t name it, but it’s one that sells computers as well).  After wandering around for about 10 minutes without finding the hairdryers I decided to ask someone, I was told “Sorry we don’t stock them, they are seasonal items!”  What, when did hairdryers become seasonal?  You have got to be joking!  So I ended up at my local supermarket where they had a large selection of hairdryers for me to choose from, I should have gone there first!  No wonder some of these big companies are going out of business.

It was technically our last mixed media lesson this week as the next 2 weeks are planned for assessment work and getting our evidence in order to hand in.  We did applique this week, more handsewing yeh!  I liked what I made which was a cupcake picture, but to be honest our tutor was a bit too organised this week and almost literally supplied us with a kit.  All we really had to do was ‘assemble’ it, so it took a lot of the creativity and individuality away.  It’s still pretty though and very girlie, I so wish I had girls!

I’ve decided on my title, at last!

I’m going to finish off this weeks post with a little plug for a lady who makes bags and accessories.  I’ve been looking for a bag for a couple of months now for the summer, looking on Facebook, Folksy and Etsy but I hadn’t found anything that was suitable.  The problem is I’m a bit fussy regarding bags, I wanted an across body bag which wasn’t too big, was neutral and made out of fabric.  But, I finally found what I was looking for from ‘Hens Teeth’  , she makes the most fabulous bags etc from vintage and unusual fabrics and then finishes them with hand embroidery and buttons.  I emailed her and told her I liked the look of one of her bags and could she make me something similar and gave her the size etc.  She messaged me back to say leave it with her.  A few days later I received a message with photos attached asking if this is what I wanted.  It was perfect.  She sent me an invoice, I paid for it and believe it or not I received it the very next day and it is perfect.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Here’s a link to her Blog

Well that’s it for this week, take care, stay dry and have a good week.

Linda x


5 thoughts on “Inky Fingers, Tatty Flowers & Cupcakes

  1. thank you so much for such a lovely write up. x
    I know what you mean about blog titles…I use lines from songs….keeps ’em guessing as to which song too. x

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