I made and decorated a box!

Well I couldn’t resist going to the Haydock Park Bead Fair last weekend, as it’s usually my only chance to actually look and feel the beads before I buy them, so I’m feeling poor this week.  Although I didn’t spend half as much as I normally do, I was quite restrained and I only bought what I thought I needed and just a few ‘I’ve got to have thats!’  So I’m quite pleased with myself.

I’ve also bought a book this week, one which was recommended to me by a friend.  It’s called  ‘The Crafter’s Guide to taking great photos”  by Heidi Adnum and it really is an excellent book for anyone wanting to take better photographs of their crafts.  I’ve never been quite satisfied with the photographs I take of my jewellery, so already it has given me a few tips and ideas which I need to try.  I have started a bit of practicing with the box I made and decorated at this weeks mixed media class.

I really enjoyed making this box, although measuring and cutting out straight lines is never my strong point.  But I did like decorating it and making the felt flowers.  I’ve got some plain white boxes which I think I might have a go at decorating, so watch this space.

Have you noticed I seem to use a lot of purple in what I make?  There are 2 reasons for that, one, I like purple, but two, it is one of only 4 colours I have of Tim Holtz distress ink and one of them is black, I really must invest in some new colours!

I do enjoy taking photographs, I’ve even had a photo published in a magazine recently.  Don’t get excited it was in a Triathalon magazine!  I seem to be the ‘unofficial’ photographer at my brother in laws running club events.  I’d taken some really good photographs of some of the runners, more by accident and luck, than talent.  My brother in law showed them to the mags editor and they asked could they use one or two of them, of course I said yes.

I also love taking photos of flowers and plants and generally anything outside that takes my fancy, especially if it stays still!  I took a photo of a giant tortoise at a Zoo a couple of years ago, now they hardly move don’t they?  But some of my photos look like they must have been doing a sprint!  I especially like taking photos of flowers trying to bring out the colour and capture them at unusual angles, some work, some don’t.  I took some photographs of a patch of daisies yesterday and I am especially proud of how well they turned out.

I love daisies!

More Daisies



One last bit of news I would like to share with you.  I heard yesterday that my other Blog for The Crafty Network has been recommended in this months issue of Craft Seller Magazine (June), I’m yet to see a copy of the mag as my local Hobbycraft haven’t received copies yet!  But, I’m so pleased that it’s had a mention and I hope more and more people visit and start to follow it, month on month I’m seeing the statistics increase on the site and it’s very satisfying.

Have a good week.

Linda x


5 thoughts on “I made and decorated a box!

  1. Hi Linda,
    Fab Box and I think I might need to check out that book, I could use some photography tips. Great photos I love the daisies but they are all cracking.

    I also really like the purple pendants.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x

  2. Dear Linda, The box looks great, I actually love using card and paper but never do anything creative with it – usually just tags and packaging! Must try and change that (but will I find the time?). I will look into getting the book you recommended too. My photos are dire (can’t believe I nearly went to Art College to do photography many moons ago) and I have to wait for a sunny Singapore day which is a bit hit and miss. My husband agreed to make me a light box … I’m still waiting.

    • Hi, I do like making boxes, there is a certain satisfaction about them, that I don’t get with cards or tags. Maybe because I can put something inside a box! The book is really worth buying and there is a tutorial on how to make a light box which you could pass onto your husband. The best light is actually outside and cloudy days rather than sunny days are best according to the book. The sun can be too harsh and can cast shadows, it’s all about getting the right amount of light and clouds act as great diffusers, which is a good job as we get plenty of them in the UK. I tend to use my windowsill, but then I am limited with space. Take care and thanks for commenting. Linda x

      • Thanks Linda, have already been on Amazon and ebay to check out the cost of the book, got distracted and ended up adding a few more to the basket! Cheaper to buy that light box(!). Cath.

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