Georgia P Designs ~ not the best

I’m not the best at blogging, most of the time I have no idea what to write about and if I’m honest, not a great deal happens to me, sat at home most days!!

I don’t think you would appreciate me telling you all about the 2 ducks that I found sitting on my front lawn this morning, the speckled woodpecker that knocks daily on the tree about 8.30am every morning, the pair of long tail tits that are nesting in my hedge or about the 2 magpies that like sitting underneath my Arbor, come rain or shine.  Yes, all these things tend to be the highlight of my day!

However, I have realised I haven’t mentioned my BTEC Mixed media course for quite a while now.  Yes I am still doing it, I have never been known to be a quitter, even if I’m not sure what I’m getting out of it?  I paid for it, so I’m going to keep on going, also with the hope I might have a Eureka moment one lesson.  But saying that I do believe I have learnt some new techniques, I’m just not sure though if I will use them all again!

So the update,  since January we have covered decoupage, we have hand-painted and decorated frames, decorated candles, glass painted and dyed textiles. Some of which I can definitely see myself doing again, although I wasn’t too impressed with my dyed fingers!

Well that’s it you are up to date, I’ve only got 5 weeks left of the course, that includes getting everything up to date in my book and my assessment pieces being finished, ready for them to be reviewed.  I’ve never really thought about getting a qualification at the end of the course, but now it’s getting closer, I suppose it’s something to add to my CV, if I pass!!

Thanks for reading.

Take care.

Linda x


2 thoughts on “Georgia P Designs ~ not the best

  1. I love the candles and would love to be able to do something like that, how did you do it??
    In advance I like to thank you for taken the time to response back to me

  2. Hi Bjorg, as I said in my post they are really easy to do. All you need is a thick candle, some tissue paper or a serviette with a nice pattern, some grease proof paper, a printer and a heat gun. The simplest way is to take a serviette with say a nice border edge, cut the border edge out, long enough so it will wrap all the way around the candle. Separate the layers of the serviette (they sometimes come in 3 or 4 ply, you need the top layer with the pattern). Wrap this around the candle where you want it to go, cut a piece of grease proof paper, enough to cover the border and to be able to hold it away from the heat of the heat gun. Take the heat gun and gently heat the the border through the greaseproof paper, keep the heat gun moving and you will start to see the wax get ‘wet’, as soon as you see this keep moving around the candle until the border is ‘melted’ into the candle. If you heat it too much you will get a dint in the candle, so keep the heat gun moving and watch you don’t burn your hands, I recommend wearing oven gloves!

    The other method is to use the printer to print out any image you want onto the tissue paper. You will have to tape the tissue paper to a piece of A4 printer paper and then send it through the printer. Remember though, if you are doing words, print in ‘mirror image’ (you should find this setting in your printer properties) otherwise they will be the wrong way when you melt onto the candle. Cut out images and melt onto candle as above.

    I hope all that makes sense? I am thinking of doing this as a tutorial on my other Blog The Crafty Network, so please keep a look out.

    Any questions, please don’t hestitate to ask.


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