Georgia P’s New Year, New Ideas!

Oh No, where has January gone?

I must admit I’m not good in the Winter months, it’s cold, dark and miserable and I’d much rather hibernate with large quantities of warm stodgy food and chocolate.  But unfortunately I can’t do that, instead I usually like to use January and February to tidy up, file, re-plan, strategise and try new things.

So that is what I’ve been doing, I’ve sorted a mountain of paperwork and I’ve been learning some new skills as well as part of the Mixed Media course I am doing,  decoupaging being one of them.  You may or may not have seen my first attempt at decoupage on a jewellery box I did for my mixed media assessment piece, this wasn’t perfect but it did inspire me to try again.  I do like incorporating my love of beads, wire, polymer clay and just about anything else I think might look good! I’m currently in the middle of 2 pieces (anybody know any good quotes for cupcakes?) but here are just one or two finished samples for comment?

But alas there is always a down side to most things I decide to do, the expense!  Yes I have made my first purchase of the year of a Cuttlebug machine!  It wasn’t a quick decision, I had been toying with the idea for a month or two and I finally decided that if I was going to take my mixed media seriously I really needed a Cuttlebug, I just hadn’t realised how expensive all the embossing folders and the individual dies were.  I’d better take things slowly (and sneak them in) otherwise my other half is not going to be very happy with me spending all his hard earned money!

Well that’s my first post of the year finally done, I have kept it brief and so it leaves me with just one more thing to say which is to wish you all a belated very happy and successful 2012 and I hope you all continue to follow me on my journey.

Linda xx


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