I’m quite pleased with the new Poppy brooches I’ve made.  I’ve now made 2 felt poppies, both slightly different, I think I prefer the first one I made as I tried using some bugle beads on the second one as well as the black glass pearls and personally I think this is a bit much, what do you think?

I’m thinking of making a few and donating the profit to the Poppy Appeal Charity if I sell any, especially as poppies are so popular around Remembrance Day.  They would look great attached to the lapel of a jacket or coat, or to brighten up a black dress.  They would even look good attached to a bag.

I think next I’m going to look at making a larger version and maybe trying some different colours, what do you think?

I’ve also been attempting to make some Polymer Clay poppies, which so far are looking OK, just ‘cooked’ them so I need to varnish them, so a photo will follow shortly.  These will be either pendants or charms.

Bye for now.



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